FIT DAD: A Father Who Found His Fitness Family

AGE: 39
OCCUPATION: Manager at Accredo Specialty Pharmacy
FAMILY: Wife, Gina, and two kids: Harper (8) and Calder (3)

From 10 months ago, CULLEN MORGAN is down 40 pounds, at 10.5 percent body fat, and about to make his third shopping trip for smaller clothes. But those are just the numbers.

His fitness journey is marked with other important milestones. He can now play tag with his kids without getting winded in 30 seconds. “My soon-to-be 4-year-old is learning to ride a bike, and I can run alongside him,” Cullen says. Overall the father of two is feeling more energetic and kicked his Mountain Dew habit, which had been his caffeine crutch. He’s even training for two upcoming 10K races.

It was being there for his family that motivated the former cheerleader to get back in shape. “I was getting to a stage where I was considered obese,” Cullen says. “My kids are young, and I want to be there for them and set a healthy example.”

Hearing of other people’s success, Cullen joined Iron Tribe in Germantown. The workouts are 45-minute group classes that use HIIT-style training paired with one-on-one style coaching. Everything clicked into place and the weight started coming off. What Cullen likes most is the camaraderie and that the coaches and other members genuinely seem invested in one another’s fitness journeys. “It’s a community that comes together and holds each other accountable,” he says.

“I was able to find something I enjoy and stick with it.”

Cullen’s wife, Gina, has joined him in making their family healthier. She also works out five days a week. They both encourage each other and value the importance of prioritizing time to be healthy. Together they meal prep by cutting up veggies to have on hand throughout the week to make healthy
dinners like burrito bowls.

Part of Cullen’s success is that he genuinely likes showing up to work out. “I was able to find something I enjoy and stick with it,” he says. It’s safe to say he’s found his fit tribe.

By Brittany Anas. Photo by Tindall Stephens.

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