Stay Geared Up for the Outdoors

Summer is heating up and so are the product offerings in the world of running and outdoor sports! Check out some of the products people can’t stop talking about:


Who cares that the Forerunner 935 gives you dialed-in data such as dynamics for running, cycling, swimming, wrist-based heart rate, training status, FTP, and VO2 max? A dedicated athlete like you, that’s who. This premium GPS running/triathlon watch helps you fine-tune your training and recovery to be a better athlete. For the competitor in you, it features Strava Live Segments, so you can turn every run or ride into a virtual competition. Because looks count too, interchangeable bands let you quickly change them for a new sport or style. Forerunner 935 also has smart notifications, automatic uploads, and Connect IQ compatibility for custom watch faces and apps. $500


Are my running shoes worn out? How many miles are on them anyway? Ask these questions no more with the help of the small but powerful Milestone Pod. This affordable and simple shoe-worn device tracks distance, pace, time, and gait metrics. No buttons. No GPS. No charging. Just clip and go. Wirelessly sync your Milestone Pod to the app after your workout to see your basic performance data, gait, and health metrics to discover trends over time. $25


Performance running sunglasses have long suffered with being expensive,
over-engineered, and, more often than not, ugly. Enter Goodr. Reasonably
priced, simple, and great looking sunglasses that do not disappoint. Goodr sunglasses are lightweight, are slip- and bounce-proof, include polarized lenses, and will up your style game more than a velour jumpsuit. $25


Why is a hydrated body so important? The human body is largely made of water (60-70 percent by weight). Fluid is responsible for regulating body temperature, maintaining blood volume, ridding the body of waste, maintaining blood pressure, and so much more. Dehydration signs include headaches, tiredness, and nausea. It’s difficult enough to get through work without enough liquid, but exercise is even more difficult in a dehydrated state. Nathan Sports offers a comprehensive lineup of products directed at making proper hydration a no-brainer. $20-60


A seat cover and changing towel in one, the Transition & Seat Wrap is the answer to gear changes in the parking lot and on the trail head. It’ll keep that clean seat of yours… well, clean! Orange Mud designed the wrap with the simple goal of not having your towel fall off while changing from regular clothes to run or bike gear. It stays around your waist securely via a built in belt clip. The second feature of the towel is the zip-on hoodie that slips over the seat back in your car, so when you sit down, the wrap does not slide off your seat. $45

Do you have questions about getting started or finding a plan to work for you? Stop in and talk to anyone on our staff. We’ll be happy to help!

Feb is the General Manager and Footwear Buyer at Fleet Feet Sports. Most of his decisions are determined by rock, paper, scissors. For more information call (901) 761-0078 or visit our website at

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