Weekend Warrior: Frank A. Ognibene ~ runner

AGE: 69


OCCUPATION: Podiatrist at Ognibene Foot Clinic for 39 years

SPORT: Running since 1981, spinning, weight training, kayaking

FAMILY: Mom: Gilda (95); wife: Sarah; grownchildren: Sara (Evan), David, and Kyle; grandchildren: Dylan and Emmy

WW BRAGGING RIGHTS: Six Half Marathons (so far) this year: Herb Parsons Trail Half Marathon (2nd in age group), Paradise Coast Half Marathon, Germantown Half Marathon (3rd in age group), Viking Half Marathon (1st in age group), Whispering Woods Half Marathon (1st in age group), Race 13.1 Half Marathon (1st in age group), and Bluff City 10K
(1st in age group).

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Running 10 1/2 years without missing a day. I ran three half marathons in three weeks and finished 1st in my age group in each. I’ve run 12 marathons and over 60 half marathons.

I ❤ RUNNING: Running does so much for me. It’s the way I always start my day. I enjoy the friendships I’ve made and all the stories told over countless miles. I love the simplicity of it and the social aspect. I get the maximum amount of benefit from running. I like the competitive aspect, even though it’s an individual sport.

FITNESS MOTIVATION: Fitness is about discipline. Success in running, and life, is all about discipline. I stay healthy for my family and myself. I set a good example for my patients and younger people.

CROSS-TRAIN: I participate in a 6am spin classthree days a week at the Jewish Community Center with trainer Lindsey. I also do some weight training.

“Success in running, and life, is all about discipline.”

NEXT WW CHALLENGE: I have an 8K and a half marathon by Lake Ontario in western New York this summer. There’s also the MRTC Road Race series.

WW MUST-HAVE’S: Asics running shoes and my old school Nike watch (no gps).

BUCKET LIST: Being able to spend the entire summer at Lake Ontario

BEST EATS: Southern Social

BINGE-WATCH: Homeland, House of Cards

FUN FACT: Music has always been an important part of my life. I played bass in my own band in high school in Medina, NY, and I still play guitar for my own enjoyment.

MOTTO: Always do your best.

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Sarah McAlexander.

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