Best Mental Health Professional

  • Jessica Shea, LCSW Forward Counseling
  • Janice Pazar, PH.D
  • Karen Riss, LCSW

Best Chiropractor

1.Jeremy Jessop, Active Health Chiropractic

2. Darren Jessop, Germantown Family Chiropractic

3. Dave Kellenberger, Chiropractic Memphis

Best Physical Therapist

1.  Trevor Ling, Peak Potential Physiotherapy

2. Mark Temme, OrthoMemphis

3. Campbell Clinic Physical Therapy

Best Acupuncture

1- Twin Reeds Acupuncture

2- Dr. Alexander Ly

3- Xu Wellness Acupuncture Center

Best Podiatry

  • Dr. Croft
  • Dr. Kiel
  • Dr. Ashberry/ Dr. Murray Butler

Best Orthopedics

1. Dr. Kenneth Weiss, OrthoMemphis

2. Dr. Peter Lindy, East Memphis Orthopedics/Dr. Martinez, Campbell Clinic

4. Dr .Laura Lendermon


  • Dr. Susan Murrmann, Mcdonald Murrman
  • Dr. Todd Chappelle, Adams Patterson
  • MOGA

Best Dermatologist

  • Dr. Levy
  • Dr. Tanenbaum
  • Dr. Lawhead/ Dr. Patel

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

  • Dr. Melissa Toyos, Toyos Clinic
  • Dr.  Neumon Goshorn, Goshorn Aesthetics
  • Dr. Lou Adams, Plastic Surgery Group

Best Dentist

  • Dr. Gregory Kemp
  • Dr. Jodi Rump
  • Dr.  William Castle

Best Pediatrician

1. Dr. Aimee Christian, Memphis Pediatrics

2. Dr. Chris Hanson, Laurelwood Pedatrics

3. Dr. David Ziebarth, Pediatric Physicians

Best Cardiologist

  • Dr.Steve Gubin, Stern Cardiovascular
  • Dr. Michael McDonald, Sutherland Clinic
  • Dr. Arie Szatkowski, Stern Cardiovascular

Favorite Nutritionist

1- Ashley Holloway,, USMC Bootcamp

2- Blair Mize, Memphis Nutrition Group

3- Catherine Draper, Wellfit Medicine and Nutrition

Best Gym

1. CrossFit Triad

2. Nuber Ymca

3. IronTribe

Favorite Fitness Studio (Non-Crossfit)

1. Energy Fitness Personal Training Studio

2. LiveFIT Personal Training Studio

3. Club Pilates/Cyclebar

Best CrossFit

1. CrossFit Triad

2. CrossFit Hit & Run

3. The Box

Best Yoga Studio

1. Delta Groove

2. LiveFit Bootcamp and Studio

3. Hot Yoga Plus

Best Bootcamp

1. USMC Bootcamp

2. LiveFit Bootcamp and Studio

3. Fitness Inspirations

Favorite Personal Trainer

1. Tonya Tittle at Energy Fitness Personal Training Studio

2. Adina Wise at LiveFit

3. Tara Taylor at Crosstown YMCA

Best Road Race

1. Memphis St. Jude Half-Marathon

2. MRTC Road Race Series

3. Gibson Guitar 5k

Best Post Race Party

1. Cooper Young 4-miler

2. Breakaway Bardog 5k

3. H+F Broad Ave 5k

Favorite Grocery Store

1. Kroger

2. Whole Foods

3. Sprouts

Favorite Local Beer

1. Wiseacre

2. Ghost River

3. Memphis Made

Best Bar

1. Alchemy

2. Loflin Yard

3. Bar Dog

Favorite Patio

1. Celtic Crossing

2. Bayou Bar n Grill

3. Bosco’s

Best Health Food Restaurant

1. City Silo

2. Lyfe Kitchen

3. Cheffie’s

Best Salad

1. Wild Beet

2. Cheffie’s

3. Deli on the Square

Favorite Ethnic Restaurant

1. Casablanca

2. Blue Nile

3. Bhan Thai

Best Brunch

1. Beauty Shop

2. Owen Brennan’s

3. Majestic Grill

Favorite Food Truck

1. Fuel

2. Say Cheese

3. Raw Girls

Best Smoothie

1. I love Juice bar

2. Raw Girls

3. Smoothie King

Favorite Mexican

1. Las Delicias

2. Las Tortugas

3. El Mezcal

Favorite Pizza

1. Memphis Pizza Café

2. Aldo’s

3. Pyros

Best Burger

1. Huey’s

2. Babalu

3. Top’s BBQ

Favorite Fitness Retail

1. Lululemon

2. Breakaway Running

3. Fleet Feet

Best Bike Shop

1. The Peddler

2. Victory Bicycle Studio

3. Bike World / Bike Plus

Favorite Med Spa

1. Glo Medical Aesthetics Spa

2. McDonald Murrmann Skin & Laser

3. Ashtoria Aesthetics and Wellness / Solutions Medical Center

Best Hair Salon

1. Salon 387

2. Pavo

3. Dabbles

Best Doggie Day Care

1. Dogs Rule

2. Brown Dog Lodge

3. Camp BowWow

Favorite Massage Therapist

1. Mae Jensen at Energy Fitness

2. Karina Mueller

3. Larrie Rodriguez at Midtown Massage & Bodyworks

Best Vet

1. Arlington Animal Clinic

2. Walnut Grove Animal Hospital

3. Central Animal Hospital

3 Comments on H+F’s 2017 READERS CHOICE WINNERS

  1. Certainly this vote is incorrect, Dr. Patel is THE BEST DERMATOLOGIST in the Mid South!! If you want a FANTASTIC DERMATOLOGIST go see Dr. Patel!!! She’s the best!!!!


  2. Love Dr. Patel!!


  3. Mary McCarthy // November 1, 2017 at 3:55 PM // Reply

    I love Dr. Melissa Toyos and she definitely deserves this award. Not only is she a great cosmetic surgeon she truly cares about her patients. Way to go Dr. Toyos!!!


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