Weekend Warrior: Huntley Hudgins ~ runner

AGE: 25

BIRTHPLACE: Fayetteville, Arkansas

OCCUPATION: Product Development at Cardinal Health

FAMILY: Fiance, Adam; kitten, John Quincy Cadams

FIT CLUB: River Runners

WW BRAGGING RIGHTS: Hogeye Half Marathon (Fayetteville, AR), Running for Cover 5k (Malvern, AR, 2nd in age group), Village Creek Trail Run (Village Creek State Park, AR).

MOST MEMORABLE WW EVENT: Village Creek 10k trail run. This race is in January, and nothing is more refreshing than running in the winter. The trails were beautiful, and it was a clear day. I also love getting to run in my home state, Arkansas.

“Running reminds me what a privilege it is to have my health, a loving family, and a beautiful earth to run on.”

I RUNNING: I have always enjoyed exploring places by foot. I used to go on long walks, but running is a more efficient way to explore because I can cover more ground! Last spring I was in Denver, woke up early for my long run, and had already seen most of the city by 9 am. That’s my favorite thing about running.

WW GEAR: I’ve only run in Sauconys, but I’m always shopping for a better shoe. My watch is an old Garmin Forerunner 25.

NEXT WW CHALLENGE: It’s a secret, but it will be my longest distance thus far and it’s in Florida.

BEST EATS: Dinner at Bari: a bottle of red, calamari, and spaghetti carbonara.


ON MY NIGHTSTAND: Atomic Ranch, a midcentury design magazine.

VICE: Coffee. I drink a lot of it.

PERSONAL MANTRA: I meditate while running by repeating phrases of gratitude in my mind. Running reminds me what a privilege it is to have my health, a loving family, and a beautiful earth to run on.

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Philip Murphy.

1 Comment on Weekend Warrior: Huntley Hudgins ~ runner

  1. Adam who??? Run, Huntley, Run!


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