Personal Trainer & Promotional Model

Sport: Weight Lifting

I wouldn’t really say I’m a body builder although my training style may be considerably close to one. I aspire to be in a competition or two but not as a full-time competitor.

I workout five to seven times a week: four days of weights and the other days are normally cardio and abs. I do HIIT (hight intensity interval training) using either the StairMaster, a jump rope, sprints, or burpee intervals.

My weight days consist of:• Monday: Chest & Triceps• Tuesday: Shoulders & Core• Wednesday: Legs & Lower Body• Thursday: Repeat

I played basketball and football all through school, and I fell in love with being active.

My diet is semi strict, but I’m just like anyone else. I allow myself to cheat every once and awhile. Breakfast is a banana and protein shake or at least two boiled eggs. Some mornings I also eat a bowl of oatmeal or brown rice. Lunch is a vegetable-based salad mixed with tuna, salmon, or a chicken breast. Dinner is normally a repeat of my lunch.

My snacks are normally nuts of some kind, and I love fruit!

The fact that knowing someone out there is watching me and looking up to me as a role model just like I look up to someone else keeps me motivated.

I know what it takes to see results in my abs, so I focus on my entire core rather than just structuring my abs.

The push-up is my favorite move because it can be done anywhere, and it helps build total core and upper body strength all in one motion.

Advice to newbies: NEVER GIVE UP, even it seems impossible.

Photo by Philip Murphy. Compiled by Amy Goode.

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