Hairstylist at Salon 387

Family: Husband, Nick Seccombe

Sport: Fitness Competitor

I stay fit by working out with my trainer Roland Genesy three days a week at Transforming Bodies and two days of kickboxing at Memphis Fitness Kickboxing.

I became an NPC Bikini competitor because I was inspired by the women in the competition with great muscle definition.

I knew I wanted to create a body that I could be proud of, and bodybuilding has taught me how to achieve it.

An example of my workout:4 sets of 2-30 rep supersets• leg press / front raise• Deadlift / overhead press• split lunges / rear delt• sled push / over head press

A day in my diet is very basic. I eat 5-6 times a day with a gallon of alkaline water. I like to carb cycle, so I eat lower carbs on cardio days and higher carbs on weight training days. Breakfast consists of oatmeal, blueberries, egg whites, and coffee. I usually have two lunches, like lean protein on a salad. If I want more carbs, I add brown rice or sweet potatoes. I have a protein shake with water after I workout and one at night before bed.

The most underrated exercise is the single-legged deadlift. I incorporate it into my leg day with a 20-pound weight. My hamstrings are so sore the next day!

I think calves get neglected. The last thing you want to do at the end of a leg workout is calves, but they are super important. I jump rope a few times a week to keep my calf muscles stimulated.

I work hard, then reward myself. The food I eat fuels me to train hard, so I allow minimal cheats, but they are so good when I get to indulge. You can find me eating wings and watching UFC at the Young Ave Deli.

My advice to anyone wanting to compete is to get a coach and do it! It is hard work, but you learn so much through the process.

Photo by Greg Hastings. Compiled by Amy Goode.

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