Ending Hamstring Pain For Good

There are an increased number of hamstring strains in runners this time of year. Minor strains are resolved with rest and gentle movement over a couple weeks, while more serious ones can take months to heal. There’s a high recurrence rate of these injuries because of incomplete rehabilitation and returning to training too quickly.

Some runners continue to experience hamstring pain years after an injury due to residual scar tissue at the injury site and persistent muscle weakness. There are treatments that reduce residual scar tissue, improve strength, and get you back to full activity pain-free. These hands-on treatments, combined with the appropriate exercise routine, can help resolve the most chronic hamstring strains.

Astym is a physical therapy treatment that regenerates healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.) and reduces unwanted scar tissue. It is highly effective for restoring movement and reducing pain, and Astym works where other approaches routinely fail. Astym was designed to target the underlying cause of the problem, rather than just relieving symptoms.

“I had a chronic hamstring pull for over 25 years. As a runner, it was extremely difficult to train with any regularity. I visited a sports medicine physician and he recommended Astym therapy. I had eight treatments and my chronic hamstring problem disappeared. This was three years ago and I’ve had no recurrence of any hamstring problem.”

—Astym patient

Astym treatment is non-invasive, meaning no injections or incisions. The physical therapist uses instruments and their hands to locate and engage unhealthy scar tissue. Astym helps regenerate these damaged soft tissues and stimulate the muscle and/or tendon to remodel itself, allowing the muscle to become stronger. Since the process actually makes the body’s tissue stronger, the patient’s body to can become adapted to greater stress without injury.

Astym therapy has repeatedly been proven safe and effective in numerous clinical trials. Astym treatment is effective in resolving many problems, including chronic tendinopathies, tendon pain, tendon injury, stiffness, restricted movement, limited function, and other conditions associated with adhesions or scar tissue. It is also effective on sprains, strains, and other acute and sub-acute soft tissue injuries.

Runners suffering from a chronic hamstring injury need not put up with the pain. There are effective treatments available to help you return to the activities you love.

Astym-certification is advanced training and not everyone is qualified to perform it. Doctors often prescribe Astym therapy for their patients because it is a safe, high-quality care that has proven to be effective.

Dr. Trevor Ling is the lead physical therapist and owner of Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness. He brings to the community over 10 years of orthopedic and sports physical therapy experience. Advanced clinical training in manual therapy (receiving his COMT), dry needling, and Astym® certification set him apart from other clinicians in the area. For more information, contact Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness at 901.316.5456 930 or peakpotientialpt.com. Located at: W Poplar Ave, Ste 5 Memphis.

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