Losing Weight, Gaining Purpose

On the website of Dr. Andrea’s Medical & Weight Loss Clinic, you’ll find the motto: “I did not wake up like this.” And it’s true, 44-year-old Andrea Walker did not one day look in the mirror and see herself 35 pounds lighter, a fitness competitor, a Doctor of Nursing Practice, or a small-business-owning super mom. She worked for it.

A diagnosis while in nursing school set Andrea on a path to health. Despite having a smaller frame and being in her 20s, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The thought of being on prescribed medications at such a young age kicked her occasional gym and healthy-eating habits into full-blown lifestyle changes. In 2013 her “on-again, off-again” gym routine became a twice-weekly commitment with a healthy diet plan. Dr. Andrea says, “At first, I would get on the treadmill and run for like 30 seconds and I was so tired.” Slowly, with the help of trainers, she built up her endurance and passion for her new lifestyle. Now, she runs for cardio, runs a business, and runs her clients’ self-doubt right out of the room.

After earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice, losing 20% of her body fat, and being taken off high blood pressure medicine, she knew her work still wasn’t finished. She thought, “Wow, I feel amazing, I look amazing, and I want to help other people feel this way!” She found a way to combine her experience in the healthcare industry with her passion for motivating others to live their healthiest life. If she could do it, others could too.

Dr. Andrea’s Medical & Weight Loss clinic opened in January of this year and offers nutritional counseling, meal plans, weight loss plans, medications, as well as a various other health-boosting services. It’s possible, however, that her most valuable service is her relentless positivity and the first-hand experience she offers clients. In over 15 years of making her health a priority, Andrea has maintained a strong and healthy figure, helped many clients reach their goals, and entered the world of fitness competitions, where she placed 3rd.

While it would be easy for Dr. Andrea to name herself when asked about her favorite success story, she thinks back to a client of hers: “On the first day, when they come into the clinic, I have them fill out a form of how much they want to lose. This woman wrote down 50 pounds. After three months the woman had lost 47 pounds, and she came to me and said ‘I just threw that number out there! I had no idea I would lose that much weight. Now I want to lose more!’” Showing people what they are capable of and encouraging them through the hard times is what keeps Andrea working so hard.

With more fitness competitions coming up, Dr. Andrea’s schedule is packed to say the least: fasted cardio 5-7 days a week, strength training, evening cardio, meal prep and—you know—running a business…“It’s crazy,” she laughs.

Dr. Andrea’s Quick Tips

GO-TO WORKOUT WHEN ON THE GO? Bands! I travel with them and have four or five sets. When I work in the Emergency Room, I’ll use them while on my break.

SIMPLEST CHANGE TO MAKE? Don’t skip breakfast! It gets your metabolism going.

POST-COMPETITION TREAT-YO’-SELF MEAL? My friends laugh at me because I will still eat something healthy—a turkey burger.

By Sam Sullivan. Photo by Tindall Stephens.

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