Nearly a Century of Exercising & Eating Right

AGE: 92

FORMER OCCUPATION: Teacher and Real Estate Agency Owner

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Reading, doing word puzzles, playing cards, evangelizing

With nearly a century of life under her belt, GERALDINE PAGE keeps up an enviable workout schedule, staying active for a whopping three hours a day at minimum.

“I do a lot of moving, and that’s what makes 92 feel more like 64,” says the spunky nonagenarian, who has resided at Trezevant Manor for more than a decade. “I don’t feel 92. I feel a whole lot younger. Probably because I spend most of my morning exercising.”

Page starts her day at 2:30 am, when she “wakes up automatically.” After a half hour in the pool, Page returns to her living space and reads her Bible. Around 5:30 am, it’s back to the pool for another half hour. Then, she has an apple or a banana for breakfast. After that, Page heads to the exercise room for time on the treadmill and the workout machines. Then she spends a half hour with her fellow Trezevant residents in a class called Land Exercise.

“I don’t feel 92. I feel a whole lot younger. Probably because I spend most of my morning exercising.”

“That’s one I’ve been very consistent about attending,” she adds, noting that her favorite part of fitness classes at Trezevant is the fellowship. “We all do the steps and laugh together. The instructor leads us in a lot of leg exercises, which really get us all going for the day.” After class, it’s back to the pool for another half hour of exercises she learned from her physical therapist.

Geraldine says the fuel that keeps her fire burning all day is the healthy diet she learned from the 1985 book “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. “It talks about proper food combinations,” she explains. “The book details how live food feeds your body and provides you energy through raw foods like fruits and vegetables. I think the reason I’m in such good condition is that I’ve eaten that way. That book changed my life.”

She notes that, “raw food gives you the energy that cooked food misses. You get the nutrition your body needs because the food is alive and not overcooked.”

Geraldine is a proud evangelist that believes her main purpose in life is to share her love of the Lord with others. “I know that the Lord is blessing me with good health and the ability to share Him with those who may not know Him,” she says, adding that her late husband Bill had the same experience. “He was such a wonderful man and husband.” Geraldine adds that she “chats with the Lord” all day.

“I tell him that, once I get up into heaven, I am going to give my husband a big hug and thank him for all the blessings he gave me while he was on this Earth, and I will finally see Jesus in person, Amen,” she exclaims with a smile.

By Molly Okeon. Photo by Jamie Elkington.

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