The Spin Queen, A.D. Davis

Meet A.D. Davis who’s all about the spin. She spins tracks at some of Memphis’s coolest late-night spots and is up the next morning teaching spin classes at Germantown Athletic Club or NBS Fitness. This 37-year-old personal trainer has got the moves and the music.

I stay fit by teaching boot camp and spin classes and lifting three days a week.

My philosophy on training is … I don’t use the word skinny. I train people to be strong and happy.

My favorite tunes are house music and stuff from the 80s.

I am always asked how I tackle the nightlife and early mornings. I plan my gigs very carefully and give myself one day off completely from everything on the weekend. I have instilled that fitness will always be first!

Fitness is more than vanity for me … It’s my “ME” time, my therapy, my stress relief, and my social scene.

I hate running and I don’t run. But I love passing avid runners in my occasional 5Ks. It’s a testament to why cross-training really works!

I was an overweight kid … I hit 190 pounds in middle school at 5-foot-2. When I started college I really dialed into my health and made it on the Olympic lifting team. I eat very high protein and no sugar. I drink nothing but water with an occasional cocktail.

I am guilty of trying a quick-fix diet. I did the “no carb” diet. What was I thinking! I didn’t feel good and I lost muscle. It’s definitely not a lifestyle.

I’m inspired by my mother, my grandmother, and all the mothers and grandmothers I train and watch push themselves daily.

I can’t live without … My Lululemon tights. I can’t go with any other brand. They are my power pants.

You have to make the time to schedule your fitness regimen … Nobody is going to do it for you.

My nutrition tip: Sugar is the devil.

On days I’m not “feeling it” I think about the willing and unable—those who wish they could be physically mobile and are willing to work hard but just aren’t able.

When I am not working out I love to … Play music and make people dance.

Interview by Amy Goode

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