Weekend Warrior: Sean Daggett ~ runner and triathlete

AGE: 46

BIRTHPLACE: Gulf Coast, Mississippi

OCCUPATION: Software Developer, FedEx

FIT CLUB: Breakaway Running Group Runs

WW BRAGGING RIGHTS: Chicago Marathon, Oct 2017; Memphis Runners Track Club Annual Road Race Series, Jul-Nov 2017; Wade’s Big Adventure 18 Miler, Oct 2017

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: More than anything I love to inspire, encourage, and help others achieve their goals. Motivating others to success is perhaps the best fitness accomplishment.

MOST MEMORABLE WW EVENT: I have always loved the Chicago Marathon. I have had both my fastest time (2013) and my worst race of any distance (2017) on that course.

I RUNNING & TRIATHLONS: Paradoxically, I love both the genuine camaraderie from fellow athletes as well as the solitude one can find in training and racing.

FITNESS MOTIVATION: I have worked hard to stay fit my entire life, to varying effect. When my fitness is not there, my body and mind feel out of sorts. It’s like feeling ill without actually being ill. I crave feeling strong and healthy.

TRAINING FOR: Sylamore 25K in February.

WW GEAR: Trail shoes: Brooks Cascadia; Road Shoes: Asics Cumulus; Watch: Garmin 920; Bike: Cervelo P2SL with Shimano shoes; Helmet: Lazer Oxygen.

BUCKET LIST: I must be a glutton for punishment because I’ve always wanted to race the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. I’d also like to run all six World Major marathons.

BEST EATS: I’m a sucker for my weekly trip to Memphis Pizza café, where I practically have my own pizza on the menu—along with Killian’s beer.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: Currently I’m back and forth between selected short stories from Sinclair Lewis and Plato’s Republic.

MANTRA: Be patient; we do this for a lifetime, not just a season.

“More than anything I love to inspire, encourage, and help others achieve their goals.”

Interview by Hailey Thomas. Photo by Philip Murphy.

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