Weekend Warrior: Marcie Cohen ~ triathlete, ironman competitor

Triathlete, 48, Fit Mom, Ironman Competitor


I swim with the Nuber YMCA Masters swim group and cannot think of a better group of people to train with. We are all so different but share the same love of swimming. Coach Kelsey brings out the best in everyone.


I recently ran the Hardwood Dash for Disabilities 5K. I have always wanted to “push” someone (in a stroller) who is unable to run and give them the opportunity to experience a race. We placed 3rd in our age group! 


Being able to represent Team USA in Canada last year was an experience of a lifetime. Being around like-minded people from all around the world was almost surreal. My Ironman races also left me with unforgettable memories.


I love the feeling of accomplishing a difficult race or workout. Successfully pushing myself outside of my comfort zone is such a reward. In addition, the camaraderie, support, and kindness of athletes have led to many close friendships.


Watching my fitness improve with each daily workout keeps bringing me back for more. Having a race on the calendar keeps me accountable and dedicated to the process. I love the journey.


If I were stranded on a deserted island, I would bring goggles so I could swim around the island, nail polish because I like pretty hands, and a permanently cold pillow.


I am a self-proclaimed, undiagnosed Oreo addict. Don’t laugh… I am so un-fancy.


I was running St. Jude marathon many years ago, and as I ran through the hospital campus, I saw someone holding a sign that read, “Run because you can.” There are so many people who cannot do what they love (for many different reasons), and I am grateful every single day that I am able to fulfill my passions.



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