Weekend Warrior: Scott Stader ~ runner

Runner, 46, Consultant with AT&T, President & Founder of RUN365, husband & father


We are a running family. My wife, Jana, and I run races almost every weekend. Ryan has run at least one 5K a month for over two and a half years now.


I finished Bear Lake Marathon, which was three consecutive days of racing: Day 1 – Marathon in Idaho, Day 2 – Marathon in Wyoming (2nd in my age group), and Day 3 – Half Marathon in Utah. 


I have a running streak of at least one mile every day for five and a half years. I wanted to share my love for running with others so I started my running group, RUN365, six years ago. Through the success of this community, we started a kids club, Kids RUN365, that has just begun its fourth year and has over 250 kids involved on a weekly basis.


I also am working on running a full marathon in each state. I just finished states 40 and 41. I’ve run 79 full and/or ultramarathons and 102 half marathons so far. 


The 2013 Boston Marathon was my second year running that race and the most unforgettable experience.  


To me, running is all about relationships. I feel incredibly blessed to share miles with my wife, daughters, friends, family, and co-workers. Seeing their success and joy in this sport/community keeps me going. 


I lost 70 pounds when I started running 13 years ago and have kept most of it off. The Lord used running to help change my life and give me a firm direction. 


Casa Mexicana is my favorite restaurant in town. If you run every day, you should eat Mexican every day too!  


“No one, regardless of talent, ever makes it on their own.” —Team RUN365


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