Weekend Warrior: Anne Forbus, Runner

55; Director of Internal Audit at Regional One Health, Independent Scentsy Consultant, Treasurer at Mid-South Canines for Veterans & Co-Director of Women Run/Walk Memphis


I’ve finished nine marathons, including a 50K. I’m not dedicated enough in my training to ever place in a marathon or half marathon, but every time I finish one, I feel like a badass!


Last year I organized an all-woman relay team for the Bourbon Chase, a 200-mile relay race along the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. We were exhausted at the end and more than a little crabby, but I would love to do that again. 


I have met some of the nicest people and some great friends that I would never have crossed paths with if not for running. Whatever your fitness level, runners are encouraging.


I run because I really like beer. I really love craft beer. I’ve had over 1600 beers at the Flying Saucer. When I’m chowing down and not concerned about calories, you can’t beat the Saucer Burger with artisan cheese. And always a seasonal beer.


Up next is the Road Race Series here in Memphis. Then there’s the Alpharetta, GA half marathon in November, Panama City Beach Marathon in December, and the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March.  


I was a two-pack-a-day smoker for over 20 years. I have been smoke-free since September 2007.  


University of Memphis Tiger Football is my passion. I had season tickets when we were losing, but it’s much more fun now that we are winning.   


Smile like you really mean it.


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