Weekend Warrior: Hugh Thompson, marathon runner

70, Black Men Run, Life Insurance Specialist with Misty Rosser-White State Farm Agency


After the loss of my wife to heart disease, I started running. It’s a great way to fight this disease, and now I can help motivate others. After all, how many people in their 70s people are running marathons?


I started running 12 years ago with the intention of completing a 5K, and eight months later I ran a marathon. I’m excited to say that I have completed a total of 50 marathons in 49 different states.


My 50th state marathon is in Des Moines, Iowa on October 21.


My first marathon was in Chicago (2006). This was and still is my favorite marathon. It is the only one I have run twice.


I love running so much that after running the New York Marathon in 2014, I ran 16 consecutive marathons. The highlight of my running journey was back-to-back marathons for five weekends in New England.


Running is an individual sport and a challenge at any age. The running groups that I participate in like Black Men Run (BRM), Early Morning Group (4:15 am), and the Saturday Morning Running Group in Jackson, help me be a better runner. My personal trainer, Kenyarda Patterson of TEKNE, says, “Find the time, commit, and choose to make better habits a discipline.”


I want to run the Boston Marathon regardless of how old I am when I qualify.


I run to have the right to eat hamburgers, fries, and sometimes a strawberry shake. My favorite is Wimpy’s Burger in Southaven, but most of my meals are done at home in “Hugh’s Kitchen.”


I love helping people achieve their dreams, both personal and financial.


“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”— Nelson Mandela


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