HOTWORX Infrared Fitness Studio Opens on Highland

HOTWORX has just opened a new location at 431 S Highland Street Suite 118 in East Memphis. HOTWORX Germantown is located at 9155 Poplar Avenue Suite 25A.

HOTWORX Infrared Fitness Studio is the first ever implementation of 3-dimensional training. It combines infrared energy, heat, and isometric postures to help you flush toxins, tone up, and torch calories. The studio offers 24-hour access and unlimited classes for members. Classes include Hot Yoga, Hot Cycle, Hot Pilates, Hot Bands, Hot Buns, Hot Row, and many more that are led by a virtual instructor in a semi-private environment. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels.

Classes last from 15–40 minutes and accelerate your fitness routine. In addition to 10 unique saunas at each location, there is a state-of-the-art FX Zone, complete with an array of functional workout equipment.   

Discounted enrollment and monthly memberships are available. Call to schedule a free trial session. HOTWORX Germantown: 901.614.4114, HOTWORX East Memphis: 901.341.4800

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