Weekend Warrior: Marie Sheldon ~ Cyclist

Assistant to the CEO and Director of Purchasing at Kids for the Future, 46 


By far my favorite cycling event is the Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock. I have participated two years in a row. It’s well supported with thousands of riders, and it’s a whole lot of fun.


I love that there is no on/off switch in cycling. If you ride out 10 miles, you have to pedal back 10 miles.


I stay motivated by trying to always have a competition or ride that I am training for. I feel better, mentally and physically, when I am steadily after it. 


Soon I start winter training with Victory Bicycle Studio which will culminate with The Fondo 70-mile ride in February, right here in Memphis. 


When I first started riding, I was super scared, especially when you add 100 new riders and 200 wheels. Now I am comfortable riding in a peloton and more confident on the bike in general.

The top of my bucket list is a vacation in an overwater bungalow, complete with a glass floor and rooftop slide, in Bora Bora.  


The braised short rib stuffed grilled cheese at Felicia Suzanne’s is the best menu item in Memphis. Run, don’t walk!!


I have seen U2 in concert 43 times. My other passion is that I love to cook and entertain for family and friends. 


Most people don’t know that I was a real tomboy growing up—a fish gutting, dove cleaning, tree climbing, always barefoot tomboy.


My vices are ice-cold beer at Alex’s Tavern and shoes. No matter how much you eat, your shoes will always fit.


My motto was introduced to me by my former boss, Bob Cournoyer, who is the previous owner of U.S. Male Clothing Store. He said that the more “no’s” you get, the closer you are to a “yes.” It applies to everything.




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