Weekend Warrior: Vic Butcher ~ runner & cyclist

CPA, 67, St.Jude Marathon Volunteer 


I have been in the MRTC Road Race Series for 28 consecutive years. I’ve never been in the top 3 in any male age category, but I would come in first every year in Women’s 70+.


I have ridden the MS 150 bike ride for 25 years and have been a VIBE for 23 straight years. A VIBE receives $1,000 or more in contributions from supporters. I have ridden 5 JDRF rides of 100 miles each. I just completed my 3rd Big Dam Bridge Ride of 100 miles and trained through Victory Bicycle Studio’s program. I have run 35 full marathons.  


The Athens Greece Marathon was my favorite. My wife and I went there to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and we were with a tour group of runners led by Jeff Galloway. That was the first time I tried the 4:1 run/walk method, and it worked for me.


The camaraderie of meeting folks from running and cycling is the best. Now that I have done so many things over the years, I find that when I don’t care about my time, both cycling and running have become more fun.


As the primary caregiver for my wife, I have to be able to transport and lift her, so I have to be fit. Fitness has been part of my life since I was a very young boy, and I tried to pass that love for fitness and sports to my children. I think I was successful.


I am riding 100 miles for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Santa Fe this month. My son, Clark, will join me and should finish a few hours ahead. I have not ridden at this altitude or with mountain climbs, so I am looking forward to it.  


On my bucket list is to finish running marathons in all 50 states, as well as all the continents.


Chocolate is my vice.


I have been taking violin lessons for about five years with Heather Trussel, who is with the Memphis Symphony. I still suck at it, but she has lots of patience!




1 Comment on Weekend Warrior: Vic Butcher ~ runner & cyclist

  1. Selena Callaway // November 9, 2018 at 1:09 PM // Reply

    Vic is seriously enjoyable to ride with! If you get a chance to do so – jump on it – he won’t leave you behind, but he will leave you in stitches! Beware the cat store (if it’s even still around), and whatever you do…don’t go in!!!


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