1. Kelly English, The Second Line/Restaurant Iris/ Fino’s
  2. Michael Patrick, Rizzo’s Diner
  3. Felicia Suzanne, Felicia Suzanne’s


  1. Catherine & Mary’s
  2. Hog & Hominy
  3. Alchemy


  1. Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen
  2. Restaurant Iris
  3. Southern Social


  1. City Silo Table + Pantry
  2. Wild Beet Salad Co.
  3. Cheffie’s Cafe


  1. Bounty on Broad
  2. Majestic Grille
  3. Sage Memphis

Best Fast Casual:

  1. Cheffie’s Cafe
  2. Zaka Bowl
  3. Swanky’s Taco Shop

Best Patio/Outdoor Space

  1. Railgarten
  2. Loflin Yard
  3. The Second Line


  1. Sprouts
  2. Trader Joe’s
  3. Kroger


  1. Wiseacre
  2. Memphis Made
  3. Ghost River

Best Fitness Studio:

  2. ZenStudio Fitness
  3. Energy Fitness

Best Yoga Studio:

  1. Sumits Yoga
  2. Delta Groove Yoga
  3. mind/body HAUS


  1. ZenStudio Fitness 
  2. 2. LiveFIT
  3. 3. CycleBar


  1. Energy Fitness
  2. YMCA
  3. Germantown Athletic Club

Best Personal Trainer

  1. Tonya Tittle, Energy Fitness Memphis Personal Training Studio
  2. Mary-Marsha Riley, Wellhouse Fitness
  3. Chris Collins, Life Time Fitness

Best CrossFit Gym

  1. Metabolic CrossFit
  2. CrossFit Hit & Run Triad
  3. CrossFit SOPO Germantown

Best Pilates Studio

  1. Club Pilates
  2. Core Collective Broad
  3. The Pilates Centre of Ballet Memphis

BEST RACE (longer than a 10K)

  1. St. Jude Marathon
  2. Great American River Run
  3. Big Buffalo 50

BEST RACE (10K or shorter)

  1. Breakaway Bardog 5K
  2. St. Jude 10K
  3. Cooper Young 4 Miler


Best Fitness Retail

  1. Lululemon
  2. Athleta
  3. Breakaway Running

Best Bike Shop

  1. Victory Bicycle Studio
  2. Peddler Bike Shop
  3. Bikesmith

Best Hair Salon

  1. Pavo Salon
  2. Baron’s Man Cave
  3. Capelli/Ryan Patrick Salon

Best Doggie Day Care

  1. Grace Animal Hospital
  2. Dogs Rule
  3. Collierville Canine Club


Best Dermatologist

  1. Dr. Alan Levy, Levy Dermatology
  2. Dr. Purvisha Patel, Advanced Dermatology
  3. Dr. Alan Tanenbaum, Tanenbaum Dermatology

Best Plastic Surgeon:

  1. Dr. Neumon Goshorn, Goshorn Aesthetics
  2. Dr. Karen Quigley, Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis
  3. Dr. Roberto Lachica, University Plastic Surgeons

Best Pediatrician

  1. Dr. Chris Hanson, Laurelwood Pediatrics
  2. Dr. Landon Pendergrass, Pediatric Consultants
  3. Dr. Robert Eiseman, Kronenberg, Tsui, Eiseman

Best Orthopedist

  1. Dr. David Brown, OrthoSouth
  2. Dr. Laura Lendermon, Lendermon Sports Medicine
  3. Dr. Raymond Gardocki, Campbell Clinic


  1. Dr. Susan Murrmann, McDonald Murrmann Women’s Clinic
  2. Dr. Todd Chappell, Adams Patterson Gynecology
  3. Dr. Frank Ling, Women’s Health Specialists

Best Ophthalmologist/Optometrist

  1. Dr. Rolando Toyos, Toyos Clinic
  2. Dr. Kenneth Weinberg, Optical Outlet
  3. Dr. Jared Powelson, Midtown Eye Care

Best Medi-Spa

  1. McDonald Murrmann Center for Skin & Laser
  2. Glo Medical Aesthetics & Hair Spa
  3. Solutions Medical Center

Best Dentist

  1. Dr. Jodi Rump, Main Street Dental
  2. Dr. Daniel Bird, Crosstown Dental
  3. Dr. Scott Edwards, Scott Edwards Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Best Veterinary Clinic

  1. Grace Animal Hospital
  2. Walnut Grove Animal Clinic
  3. Utopia Animal Hospital

Best Physical Therapist

  1. Trevor Ling, Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness
  2. David Grigsby, MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehab
  3. Mark Temme, OrthoSouth

Best Podiatrist

  1. Dr. Brian Kiel, Podiatry Centers of Memphis
  2. Dr. Frank Ognibene, Ognibene Foot Clinic
  3. Dr. Carla Martin, DeSoto Foot Care & Pedi-Spa

Best Mental Health Professional

  1. Dr. Valerie Arnold, CNS Healthcare
  2. Dr. Arif Mirza, Germantown Private Psychiatry
  3. Dr. John Leite, Cordova Psychological Associates

Best Chiropractor

  1. Dr. Jeremy Jessop, Active Health Chiropractic
  2. Dr. Brad Cole, Cole Pain Therapy Group
  3. Launch Chiropractic

Best Massage Therapist

  1. Mae Jenson, Energy Fitness
  2. Larrie Rodriguez, Midtown Massage & Bodywork
  3. Kenai Massage

Best Acupuncturist

  1. Mike Falco, Twin Reeds Acupuncture
  2. Candace Billings, Sundara Institute
  3. Dr. Charlie Ly, Dr. Ly Natural Health

Best Nutritionist/Dietician

  1. Dr. Amanda Ling, Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness
  2. Tonya Tittle, Energy Fitness
  3. Dr. Keith Amodeo, Collierville Weight Loss Center