Each new year brings new trends to the food scene. In 2021, pickling, homemade pasta, and huge growth in plant-based food alternatives were all trending. What does 2022 have in store? Let’s dig into six of the top food trends for 2022!

Non-alcoholic beverages like prebiotic drinks, teas, and hibiscus sodas

Grocers have seen an increase in fancier buzz-less beverage choices and they don’t anticipate this trend going anywhere but up. Functional beverages like prebiotic and probiotic drinks and hibiscus sodas are popular as the population continues to be more health-conscious. These gut-friendly and vitamin C packed beverages might be your new afterwork drink of choice. Teas have become more popular throughout the pandemic as well, perhaps to relieve stress and anxiety. The herbal tea market is expected to continue to rise. We love matcha in the mornings!

Sunbutter and sunflower seed products

Sunflower seeds have been a way for individuals with peanut or tree nut allergies to enjoy their version of peanut butter and jelly for a while now. However, we are now seeing these allergy-friendly seeds show up in many other ways, like in some of Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream options! These seeds are a good source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber, so we love seeing them pop up in creative ways.

Continuation of plant-based everything

According to Whole Foods Market, “reducetarianism”, which means significantly reducing consumption of animal products, is on-trend for 2022. It also includes a focus on choosing higher quality animal products like those you might find at Memphis’ many farmers’ markets.

Ghost kitchens

These are kitchens built only for delivery. The demand for ghost kitchens increased as individuals stayed home during the pandemic and they offer convenience at a reduced cost. Wendy’s is already planning to open over 700 more of these in the next 5 years!


These umami-rich fungi are booming. They are easy to grow, have a nice meaty texture, and are highly nutritious. They even have their own documentary (have you seen Fantastic Fungi yet?). Not only are mushrooms a great meat substitute, but they can also be used for packaging! Composting for the win.

Potato milk

We’ve got our nut milk, oat milk, and soy milk, so the obvious next choice would be potato milk, right? Commercial potato milk is fortified with vitamins and minerals, but similar to many other vegan milk alternatives may be lacking in protein and fat. As long as you’re getting these macros in other areas of your diet and not relying on your “milk” for them, then potato milk may be your new go-to!

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Erin Dragutsky is the co-founder of 901 Nutrition, LLC and a licensed, registered dietitian in Memphis. Erin specializes in helping clients with eating disorders and disordered eating habits. She is passionate about helping clients ditch their diets for good, find food freedom, and develop a positive relationship with food. 901nutrition.com, 901.800.9526