Benefizz is a type of naturally fizzy, naturally probiotic drink called a Water Kefir. 

The ingredients are simple: an all-organic mixture of lemons, figs, and other fruits added for flavoring. Each batch is infused with the same living, probiotic culture called “The Mama.”

As “The Mama” grows, carbonation is a naturally-occurring byproduct. The more fizz, the healthier she is—and the healthier you’ll be, too.

The idea for Benefizz sprouted at a small farm in Eureka Springs, Ark. Members of its CSA loved the product, but the farm’s busy owner didn’t have the capacity to share her creation on a wider scale. Otherlands owners Steve Cantor andKaren Lebovitz, friends of hers, stepped in to help her test the product at their popular establishment in Midtown. They’re now partnering with Southern Growth Studios to bring Benefizz to more locations across the South. Benefizz can be found in 30+ stores in Memphis and 15+ stores in Nashville, as well as Whole Foods stores in both cities. Next, they’re coming for Atlanta.

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