Bringing people together in sustainable ways while packing a flavorful punch is the motto behind entrepreneur, wife, and mother Cristina McCarter’s growing charcuterie delivery business, Feast & Graze.

Tasty beginnings: Crab, Food, and Wine Festival

Cristina first conceived of the idea after organizing her first food festival in 2019. The cheeseboard-inspired event showcased several neighborhood artisanal products, such as jams, cheeses, pickled bites, and cured meats.

Its unprecedented, popular reception revealed a new demand in food entertainment for charcuterie arrangements, and Cristina jumped on the opportunity.

A smorgasbord of Choices: Everyone’s Happy

Feast & Graze use fresh, in-season produce while incorporating different local makers into each cheeseboard. The convenience of artistic conception delivered right to your door makes this a go-to option for those looking to collectively engage guest palettes.

What’s special about food boards is their versatility. From one spread, many people can enjoy creatively pairing flavors and textures together that match their own taste preferences, with each bite having the potential to become a new combination.

Keep the Hassle Out and the Quality In

For those who love hosting family and friends for dinner parties and other events, having a no-hassle, high-quality food board is a great way to occupy guests while putting the finishing touches on main dishes or other event particulars.

“Good food brings people together and good company keeps them there.”

Cristina’s business strives to create and foster a sense of community while celebrating the unique local flavors of Memphis’ proud food-makers. She wants to showcase the farmers, beekeepers, cheesemongers, and others that keep our neighborhoods healthy and satisfied.

Cristina enjoys being the conduit to connecting folks to their food and bringing awareness to growers. Millington Farms Berries, Jones Orchard, Home Place Pastures, Jacko’s Pepper Jelly, and CNR Cranes Nest Honey are just a few of the farms she frequents for ingredient stock-ups.

The company also caters to gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets, in which grain-free crackers, creamy cashew cheese, and tofu dips take center stage.

Communal Grazing: What’s Not to Love?

Bringing appreciation into every bite while supporting the robust Memphis food economy are just a few of the perks that keep Cristina going. “Food to me brings happiness. When you can hit the realm of health, happiness, and a beautiful aesthetic that is delivered to you and requires no prep time? It’s a win-win.”

Food Pairing Recommendations

Some of Cristina’s favorite charcuterie pairings include Gouda with apple-bacon jam on a multigrain cracker, or a slice of salami spread with praline mustard, aged cheddar, and a pickle garnish.

For a sweeter bite, she recommends combining their signature whipped goat cheese with lavender and hot honey on a baguette, with either a blueberry or strawberry to complete.

You can visit Feast & Graze at their new storefront, 55 South Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103.