Family: Maddie Wheeler, my incredible girlfriend and fitness/adventure partner

Occupation: Granite installer and fabricator with C&C Granite in Collierville

I played soccer from the age of five until 19. After getting out of competitive soccer, I still needed an active outlet so I began lifting and trying new outdoor activities.

I regularly play sand volleyball, play soccer, hike, raft, canoe, kayak, and run.

I get to the gym to at least 5 days a week for 1 to 3 hours of lifting, and I also run three days a week.

My workout schedule consists of:

Monday: Incline bench press, dumbbell curls, cable pull-downs, abs on the slant board. Run 3 miles.

Tuesday: Seated cable rows, lateral dumbbell raises, incline dumbbell chest flys, dumbbell back flys.

Wednesday: Incline bench press, wrist curl and reverse, abs on the slant board. Run 3 miles.
Thursday: shrugs on the Smith machine, forward dumbbell shoulder raises.

Friday- chest flys on machine, vertical shoulder raises on machine, cable pull-downs, cable back flys, cable chest fits, cable bicep curl burnouts, cable triceps extension burnouts, back extensions, donkey kicks on machine. Run 3 miles.

As much as I lift, I’ve always found the most balance when I include a cardio session. A good 30-minute jog is what I prefer.

My diet consists of lean and minimally processed food with a cheat day or two a week. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, trail mix, and as much protein as I can get. I have also been trying to minimize my carb intake. For breakfast, I eat about nine eggs and have at least 8 oz of fresh fruit. Lunch is just trail mix and a protein shake. Dinner is at least a pound of meat and some vegetables. 

I’ve really gone heavy with Indian cuisine lately on my cheat days. Specifically, lamb meatballs in butter gravy over jasmine rice with naan. I also love a good cold cut Italian sandwich.

I have a pretty aggressive sweet tooth I’m always resisting. Really, most candy can get me excited.

My parents are definitely my fitness role models. They’ve always encouraged healthy eating and getting plenty of regular activity since I was young. They still have a consistent fitness routine in their sixties and eat healthily.

A good set of donkey kicks is an underrated exercise. It can do a lot for the lower half without much effort.

I really enjoy working my shoulders because there are so many muscles in the shoulder to work. I’ve always been fascinated by the complexity of the shoulder joint.

I neglect my lower back the most. Certainly not the best decision since I’ve hurt my lower back the most from not stretching and strengthening.

I’ve always had anxiety and depression, but my active lifestyle has helped me face those challenges. Knowing that I can always be better at something keeps me motivated.

My advice to newbies is if you keep a consistently healthy and active lifestyle, it inevitably becomes harder to not stay on that routine.

I am always challenging myself to stay active, eat healthy, and try new things.

My friends and family would describe me as quiet in most company but lively in my own mind.

Interview by Amy Goode. Photo by Tindall Stephens.