71; Retired 

I LOVE MY SPORTS: I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with running and cycling. I didn’t know when I started running at 55 that I’d enjoy it so much. I’ve met a lot of wonderful, fit, and inspiring people participating in the sport. 

BUCKET LIST: I just want to stay healthy and keep moving for years to come. 

UP NEXT: My next race will be the Memphis Runners Track Club Summer Series. 

FAVORITE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: My biggest accomplishment in cycling is the Bluff City Blues 100-mile ride and the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon. 

SPEED BUMPS: My most considerable hardship was learning to run at a later age. However, I’ve remained relatively injury free through consistent training and not trying to do too much too soon. 

MY GROUP: I’m a member of the Memphis Runners Track Club, the Memphis Hightailers Cycling Club, and the Bluff City Training Team. 

FAVORITE JAMS: I have a running playlist with songs at a tempo of 180 bpm. It’s extremely helpful to be able to run right on the beat of the music. 

RECENT RACES: My last race was the Great American River Run 10K, where I placed in the top three of my age group. This year I’ve also participated in the Memphis Runners Winter Off-Road series, the Crosstown 10K, the Big Buffalo 50K relay, and the Zoom Thru the Zoo 4-miler. 

MOST MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: My most memorable event was the Village Creek 10K trail run with a starting temperature of 10 degrees! I’m also proud of completing the Grand Teton Half Marathon and Yellowstone Half Marathon races. 

BINGE-WATCHING: I enjoy watching the Tour de France each year and Unbound Gravel videos on YouTube. 

BEST EATS: Central BBQ and Memphis Pizza Cafe! 

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: I’d love to have dinner with my dad. He died about 20 years ago and was a good athlete. I’d think he’d be proud that I’m as active as I am at this age. 

GO-TO GEAR: Brooks Ghost running shoes and Breakaway Running tech shirts. 

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: My inspiration is the people I’ve had the privilege of knowing and calling friends. There’s a certain challenge that comes with wanting to improve and excel in my fitness journey. 

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: My favorite sports-related book is “Flow in Sports” by Susan Jackson and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It has great information about finding that magical place where the athlete and the sport become one. 


QUOTE: “Do better than your best.” – unknown