Stacey Stewart developed a passion for health and fitness while working as a personal trainer and wellness coach during her time in the military. Since then, wellness has been a significant component of Stacey’s life – so much so that she decided to buy Renew Wellness Spa in 2020. Renew Wellness Spa is unique in that they focus on holistic, organic methods to provide detoxification for its clients. Though Renew offers several holistic therapies, their most highly requested service is colon hydrotherapy. 

What is Colon Hydrotherapy? 

Colon hydrotherapy is a wellness method used to detoxify and “clean out” the large intestine. It is suggested that the large intestine can store a reserve of toxins that build up from fecal matter over the years, and the less regular someone is, the more those toxins can accumulate. Constipation and irregularity are common symptoms in patients seeking colon hydrotherapy, and many have reported experiencing alleviation of these symptoms, as well as several other added benefits. 

What happens during the procedure? 

Stacey, who performs colon hydrotherapy at Renew, emphasizes her focus on patient care and personalized therapy plans. After consulting with a new patient, Stacey suggests how many treatments they should receive (usually 3-12) and how regularly they should come in for treatment. During a colon hydrotherapy procedure, a tube about a pencil’s width is inserted into the rectum. Then, warm, purified water is slowly flushed into the colon using an FDA-approved system for approximately 35 minutes. This process clears out any impaction in the colon while also exercising the muscle of the large intestine, preparing it for more effective contraction in the future. Patients are advised to avoid eating two hours before the procedure and to hydrate thoroughly. After each treatment, patients are given a probiotic to restore healthy gut bacteria. 


While most patients seek colon hydrotherapy to alleviate symptoms of irregularity and constipation, several other benefits have been reported. Some of these include weight loss, relief from chronic headaches, allergy relief, increased energy levels, and improved skin clarity. 

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By Zoe Harrison