TRE® practitioner, yoga instructor, and John Barnes Myofascial Release therapist Kathleen S. Hall will teach an Intro to TRE® Series this August at The Transforming Wellness Studio in Germantown.

This summer, learning to calm the nervous system through TRE® is the ultimate self-care practice to add to your toolbox. In a series of exercises that start with body rolling and then tremoring, Hall helps people relax while increasing their flexibility and mobility. The best part is that once learned, you can do it independently.

With TRE®, people learn to identify body cues and self-regulate their nervous systems by activating the body’s natural mechanism of shaking or vibrating to release muscular tension to bring the body back into a state of balance.

“Learning how to calm one’s nervous system is the foundation of everything I do.”

Kathleen utilizes a variety of balls of different sizes and densities that allow clients to explore their bodies and find places where tension is being held, setting them up for the TRE® exercises that stimulate the tremor response.

TRE® Creator Dr. Berceli discovered that people instinctively shake when they feel threatened or under attack. He then realized that by activating this natural response in a controlled way, people could be brought back to a state of ease.

Kathleen describes TRE® as emptying out or discharging excess energy induced by accrued life stressors. She explains that without this release, muscles remain tense, and the body feels panic. This practice can release that pressure cooker to produce lasting effects of body tranquility and clarity.

Once people learn to distinguish between their nervous system’s states of calm, down-regulation versus charged, and over-stimulation, they can begin practicing TRE® independently.

Kathleen practices every few days and feels fortunate to have developed an increased awareness through this self-help tool. TRE® is a pleasurable technique that allows people to heal without needing to rehash their traumas.

“Learning how to calm one’s nervous system is the foundation of everything I do.”

I met with Kathleen over Zoom last month to try it out. Her soothing voice and kind demeanor made it easy for me to relax. In addition, Kathleen made it a point to constantly check in and see if I was present, comfortable, and safe.

Kathleen’s sessions are set up to teach people how to recognize where they are holding tension and in what state their nervous system is. Then, clients learn to address these physical and emotional sensations with practice. Whether it is muscle tightness or feelings of anxiety, people can use these learned modalities to move from a sympathetic fight or flight response back to a parasympathetic place of safety. And it’s all done by activating the body through tremors.

“The body can heal itself; we just have to give it the space to do so.”

Whether you have insomnia, chronic pain, or anxiety, among many other overwhelmed nervous system issues, TRE® can be beneficial.

Treat yourself this August to Kathleen’s three-part series, which will teach you how to calm your nervous system and release stress and anxiety. Classes run for 90 minutes and can hold a maximum of five students.

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Join our Workshop on August 13 from 11–1 p.m. or our Series on August 17, 24, and 31 from 9:30–10:45 a.m.

By Shlomit Ovadia