Her mother, aunt, sister, and niece all suffered from fibroids, Rosha Williams knew the stakes were against her when it came to predisposed family medical conditions. When she first recognized the unmistakable symptoms of cramping, weight gain, bloating, pelvic pain, and heavy blood flow, Rosha knew she had to act quickly.

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that live in and around the uterus, and grow larger via nourishment from adjoining veins, causing debilitating discomfort if untreated. Treatment options have been traditionally scant, leaving many women to suffer in silence.

For her, the hysterectomy option was not up for debate. The invasive procedure would have left her on bed rest for at least six weeks, something the mother of three couldn’t afford to do.

To explore more options, Rosha was referred to Dr. Cohen at Vascular Interventional Physicians where she learned she was an ideal candidate for Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). UFE is a new type of treatment where a small catheter-like device is inserted into a wrist vein, cutting off blood supply to the fibroids, so that they shrink and are released through menstrual discharge.

Rather than insist on UFE, Dr. Cohen encouraged Rosha to take her time in choosing, leaving her with his business card. Any time Rosha emailed him with questions, Dr. Cohen promptly responded to talk her through any questions, concerns, or fears she had. She credits him with having given her the confidence and mindset to reach her decision.

“Dr. Cohen is a good person first, and a good doctor second.”

In the two months from Rosha’s initial consultation to procedure day, Dr. Cohen’s office ran all the tests, updating her on every factor, possible side effect, and outcome, so that Rosha felt fully prepared for the entire experience. Nothing came as a surprise and no nerves were involved.

On the day of the procedure, Dr. Cohen asked Rosha what music she liked to hear, and she responded with Michael Jackson. The 80s pop tunes drifted Rosha into what seemed like a few seconds of shuteye, leaving her to wonder when they would start.

Dr. Cohen answered with a laugh, “We’re already done. Your prescriptions are waiting for you at the pharmacy.”

Within just a few days, Rosha was back to resuming her regular life, something the healthcare worker appreciated as someone who is constantly on her feet.

“I can go swimming, walking, take long drives, and don’t have to plan my vacations around my cycles,” Rosha gushes. Additionally, her bloating and weight flare-ups have subsided and she feels much more comfortable. She can also freely enjoy foods like milk and turmeric, something that was nearly impossible with uterine fibroids.

Having the option to make an informed decision through working with Dr. Cohen at Vascular Interventional Physicians is what allowed Rosha to take back control of her life, and she is grateful to share her positive experience with the hope that her story might also help someone else.

By Shlomit Ovadia
Photo by Sam Sikes