Understanding how fitness and nutrition go hand in hand while receiving the correct type of “no-excuses” community-based support helped April Flagg lose 30 pounds and regain her confidence. 

Being a natural socialite, the Peabody Hotel Sales Manager thrives in her hospitality career, where she creates positive experiences for people through excellent service. 

At the time, however, April did not realize how thin she was stretched in her personal life, until her divorce last August. 

“I was headed down a dark road and needed to make a change for myself.” 

Unhappy with herself at 180 pounds, April began making some dietary swaps, replacing McDonald’s meals with flaky salmon, baked sweet potatoes, and asparagus while honing in on portion control. 

April credits her father, Lee, a health enthusiast and nutritionist guide, and her trainer, Ashley Russ, via 1st Phorm, for their guidance. 

“Yes, it’s about the basics, but doing them consistently.” 

The 1st Phorm app makes it easy to log meals, join challenges, and chat with an advisor, all from the comfort of home. 

Despite this, April still struggled to find her rhythm when it came to exercise. 

“I wasn’t a fan at the time and always made excuses.” 

That’s when Shred415 came into the picture, an interval training gym near her work. April knew she needed help, and Shred415’s owner Amanda was ready to help realize those goals. 

The convenient, affordable, friendly fitness facility cycles through a series of four 15-minute intervals that oscillate between cardio and strength training. 

Participants can customize class workout experiences with modifications and difficulty options offered by instructors. 

“What I love about Shred415 is that the staff truly values everyone who walks in there. They see us as people with feelings and needs.” 

From keeping her dog, Bella, company in the lobby during a sweat session to 

checking up on her whenever she missed a class, April has been amazed by Shred415’s commitment to her success. 

“Shred415 found me when I needed it, and I just needed to be open to saying yes.” 

From new friendships to in-studio challenges, the whole vibe of Shred415 keeps members accountable and happy. 

Now, April enjoys leading the way for other newcomers. From guiding Shred415 tours to creating genuine connections, she encourages others to catch their own wellness waves in the ocean of excuses. 

“I’ve been there at the start where you don’t know where to go, who to talk to, or what to wear.” 

Nearly one year later, April plans to celebrate these healthy improvements and the life of her late twin brother Travis at the June 11 Spartan Super Race in Colorado Springs, together with her brother Justin and her father. 

“Don’t allow your excuses to outweigh your why. Everyone has a different why.” 

shred415.com • IG: @shred415peabodyplace April’s • IG: @americanflagg26 

By Shlomit Ovadia

Photo by Tindall Stephens