Ages: 24 and 27

Zodiac Signs: Virgo and Scorpio

Kids: Malayah (4) and Makhi (2) 

How long have you been in relationship? We have been married for 4 years and been together a total of 7 years!

Meet Cute: We met on Instagram.

How we stay fit together: We love working out at Hotworx doing hot yoga, rowing, and spinning. We try to go every day and then we pick the kids up from daycare. It’s very therapeutic to sweat and feel rejuvenated.

Date Night: We love going to dinner at a nice restaurant. Some of our favorites are: Ruth’s Chris, Capital Grille, Flemings, and Stoney River. We definitely love to get dressed up!

Best Relationship advice you have had: Always communicate with your partner and keep family out of your relationship! You can forgive, but they won’t!

What you argue the most about: Who’s cooking that night!

Best way to make up after a fight: Watching a movie together or a gift.

How do you keep your partner motivated: 

Daisha: By doing it together so we both can keep each other accountable for our goals.

Ulrich: By lifting her up in prayer.

Best fitness advice: 

Daisha: Write down your goals, always remember why you started!

Ulrich: Stay consistent and you will see improvement.

Favorite body part on your partner: 

Both: Legs

How do you support your partner: 

Daisha: Always giving him encouraging words and asking if I can have input on an important decision so he can have a second opinion.

Ulrich: By doing everything together.

What is your partner’s greatest strength: 

Daisha: His faith in God.

Ulrich: She doesn’t give up. She keeps going.

Photo by Tindall Stephens