Vivian Prewitt: 52, Shipping Supervisor for MicroPort Orthopedics

Dennis Prewitt, Sr.: 52, Inventory Coordinator at Wright Medical.

Family: 7 children and 6 grandchildren 

Zodiac signs: Vivian–Sagittarius, Dennis-Taurus

HOW THEY MET: Dennis and Vivian both went to Fayette-Ware High School, but it wasn’t until their 20-year reunion in 2004 that the two connected and became a couple. At the time, Dennis was in the Army and got deployed. By the time he returned, the two decided to get married, and the rest is history.

THEIR WORKOUTS: Dennis’s first race was The Navy 10 Nautical Miler in Millington in 2011, and he later completed the St. Jude marathon in December that year. There, Dennis saw someone wearing a 50 States Marathon Club jacket and bought into the idea. His started his quest in 2012 at the Atlanta Marathon. He completed his 50-state quest in November 2017. “My favorite race was in Fargo, North Dakota,” says Dennis. “I didn’t hit a double-digit mile the entire race.” He’s a co-captain for the running group Black Men Run.

Vivian followed in Dennis’s footsteps and took up running in 2012. She started with the Black Girls Run Couch to 5K program. In 2016, she retired as a Black Girls Run ambassador. She completed her first half marathon in 2013 and has 28 states under her belt in her 50-state half marathon goal. Dennis ran her first full marathon with her in New Orleans, but she decided the half marathon is her thing. Vivian also leads a beginner women’s ride with the Memphis Hightailers and is a SHERO for Black Girls Do Bike, a national cycling group.

THEIR DIET: After Dennis’s sibling passed away, the couple became even more conscious of their eating habits. “I’m trying to develop a vegetarian diet, which I’m going to try for a year,” Dennis says. The pair typically eats oatmeal, a banana, and a boiled egg for breakfast. For lunch, it’s veggie plates or salads. “I try to eat healthy dinners, but I also have to satisfy my sweet tooth,” says Dennis.

Now that Dennis has completed his goal, he continues to run and train for various races, while encouraging Vivian as she conquers the remaining 22 states on her list. “My wife loves for people to tell her she can’t do something. She loves the challenge.”

By Christin Yates

Photo by Tindall Stephens