Denise Birdsong Stofer 

56 / Institutional Broker at First Horizon 

Tim Stofer 

50 / Revenue Analyst at Baptist 

Their Story 

Denise and Tim met in Costa Rica sixteen years ago when Tim was on a surf trip from San Diego, and Denise was on a girl’s trip from Memphis. Though they married 12 years ago, they had a long-distance relationship and marriage until Tim moved to Memphis two years ago! 

Family Matters 

Denise and Tim each have two adult children who, along with their granddaughter, make up their big blended family. They love hanging out as a family or getting out with their friends and find that having a nice dinner and seeing live music are some of their favorite nights out! 

How They Stay Fit 

Denise and Tim are part of the Higher Memphis workout community and regularly attend their High-Intensity Interval Training classes. 

Fitness As A Couple 

The Stofers attend group classes together at Higher, and when it is a partner workout, they always team up. They have found they each have individual strengths to bring to partner workouts. Tim excels at the cardio sections, while Denise prefers the weight movements. “We enjoy partnering and pushing each other,” Denise says. They also love to ride their bikes, walk around downtown Memphis, hike, and explore new places during their travels. 

How They Inspire Each Other To Prioritize Wellness 

The Stofers agree that their day isn’t over until they have gotten a workout in. They’ve found that planning for the day helps them keep their fitness at the forefront, even when life gets busy. They sign up in advance for Higher classes, and each packs a gym bag in the morning so they can go straight from the office to work out. Regarding nutrition, the couple orders meal prep for the week to always have a healthy meal ready. 

Greatest Strengths 

Denise finds that Tim’s strengths are his consistency and commitment, whereas Tim recognizes Denise’s confidence and drive as her greatest strengths. 

Proudest Fitness Accomplishments 

Denise says that being 56 and able to keep up with her family at the gym gives her the biggest sense of pride. Tim feels most accomplished by taking his background in cycling and transferring those skills and strengths into the world of High- Intensity Interval Training. 

Best Wellness Advice 

Tim and Denise have tried everything — aerobics, pure barre, cardio barre, cycle bar, hot yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, running — “literally all of it”. From each fitness modality, they have learned that it is important to try many things and find what pushes you to that next fitness level. 

They also recommend finding a fitness community that inspires you, saying, “The community at Higher encourages us to be our best and not underestimate our abilities. Being around like-minded people is important. They show us we can push far past where we think we can go in our fitness.” 

Fitness Goals 

The Stofers focus on their love for being active and plan to continue making their health a priority while maintaining balance. “Balance is so important! We don’t work out every day or eat right every meal, but we try most days. We don’t expect perfection, but we are aware of what works, and that is consistency.” 

By Zoe Harrison 

Photo by Tindall Stephens