In this day and age of information overload, two Memphian women stand strongly by their science-backed nutritional values. Meet Kristi Edwards and Erin Dragutsky, the myth-busting superheroes kicking pseudo-science to the curb, and setting the record straight about health and dieting through their virtual practice, 901 Nutrition.


901 Nutrition’s niche is helping women break free from chronic dieting and rediscover their health.

Erin specializes in disordered eating and body image, and Kristi focuses more on disease prevention and management.


Kristi – It’s all about adding a variety of more nutrient-dense foods to your meals. More than 80% of Americans don’t consume adequate amounts of fiber and antioxidants needed for optimal functioning. These foods play a huge role in keeping us healthy, managing our hormones and weight, maintaining insulin levels, and decreasing inflammation.

Erin – We are born intuitive eaters, but can gradually lose these skills through life. Our practice realigns people with those intuitive cues and provides evidence-based nutrition knowledge for achieving authentic health. We want to make eating feel normal again for long-term sustainability.


Erin – 95% of all diets fail. The calories-in-versus-calories-out theory has been disproven heavily. It is an overgeneralized equation that does not consider things like an individual’s metabolism, the gut microbiome, thermic effects of different foods, calorie bioavailability, and other scientific factors.

Kristi – Your caloric needs will vary daily, depending on activity levels, hours slept, stress levels, hydration, and other influences. There are biological and psychological responses to calorie restriction that put the body into defense and preservation mode, depleting energy availability and long-term functionality.


Kristi – In order to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more. It never works. You don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight.

Erin – When people assume that weight loss equals improved health. Health is not defined by weight


Kristi – Overnight oats with chia seeds, peanut butter, and sliced strawberries. Erin – Protein smoothie with chia seeds, spinach, frozen berries, and coconut milk.


Kristi – We think in terms of prevention. There are several chronic illnesses, and even certain autoimmune diseases, which are largely avertable through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is also a great tool for symptom management.


Erin – Our primary goal is to give the body enough of what it needs to get out of survival/stress mode through optimal nourishment. We also encourage people to embrace a weight-neutral approach and health-first mindset, avoiding using scales or calorie-tracking devices.

Kristi – I would advocate for establishing a healthy sleep schedule. Lack of quality sleep has been scientifically proven to cause increased calorie consumption, heightened food cravings, lack of energy, and elevated blood sugar levels. Prioritizing sleep can be a catalyst for other positive health changes.


Kristi and Erin – Certainly enjoyment of food and improved quality of life


Kristi – There is a lot out of nutritional fallacies on social media. Be cautious when receiving information from anyone who is not a trained, registered dietitian. We recommend and for credible information sourcing.

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By Shlomit Ovadia
Photo by NLA Weddings