Newly engaged and ready for change, 29-year-old Brittany Gaskin decided to get serious about her health and weight loss goals in December of 2018.

Losing weight was familiar territory, but it had involved an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. Brittany had been consumed with working out for at least two hours a day. “I wouldn’t dare touch a French fry,” she claims. Deprivation and burnout backfired when Brittany finally let herself indulge. She put the weight back on—plus some.

This time Brittany chose a more balanced approach. It started with a commitment to be more active. At the suggestion of a coworker, she decided to try Hotworx, a virtually instructed exercise program that’s performed in an infrared sauna.

Hotworx includes a 30-minute isometric workout and/or a 15-minute high-intensity interval training session. Each workout focuses on a specific area of the body or muscle group. Brittany’s favorites are Hot Core, Hot Buns, and Hot Pilates. Each sauna holds up to three people with adjustable settings for temperature, lights, and the workout. You craft your own experience.

As a pediatric nurse at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Brittany’s schedule is less than consistent. Hotworx has around-the-clock operating hours and four locations throughout Memphis, giving her the freedom to choose the whats, whens, and wheres of her workouts. Since joining in December 2018, Brittany has lost 28 pounds and dropped about six clothing sizes.

Accompanying her workout routine, Brittany has shifted her diet. Now she sees food as fuel and is more aware of what goes in her body. She cuts out soda, limits fried food, and drinks more water. Although she doesn’t count calories or macros, she emphasizes portion control, which allows her to splurge every now and then on a cheeseburger. Her go-to foods of choice are yogurt, lean protein, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, and her favorite post-workout treat—Nutrition Hub’s fruity pebbles shake.

Brittany admits that her biggest struggle during this journey has been temptation in her diet. During work potlucks, family meals, and social gatherings, Brittany tries to have healthy snacks on hand, like cheese sticks or granola. She also uses those around her as sources of support. Her fiancé, Blake, encourages her to try new foods and incorporate more vegetables. Previously a picky eater, a rainbow of foods now fill her plate. 

Staying motivated and being held accountable are of utmost importance for Brittany. Along with her fiancé, her best friend at work (that same one who suggested Hotworx) helps with her with motivation and staying on course.

The results of staying committed to her health are the most powerful motivation for Brittany. Feeling better and having more energy has benefitted her physically and mentally. These changes also inspired her to share her story with others. “I enjoy speaking about the changes I’ve made and want to help others find their joy and love the skin they are in.”

Brittany’s best advice is: “Never give up! Gaining weight didn’t happen overnight and neither will losing it.” Persistence and patience are key.    

By Halle Griggs

Photo by Tindall Stephens

Hotworx is a membership-driven franchise offering a patented fusion of heat, infrared energy, and isometrics. With 10 different workouts from which to choose, Hotworx has locations in Cordova, Lakeland, East Memphis, and Germantown. For more information on memberships and class descriptions, or to register for a free class, visit