72; Educator at St. Ann Bartlett School 

I LOVE RUNNING: It is very rewarding. I have accomplished things I never thought possible just a few years ago and have made lifelong friendships. You can get started running with just a pair of good running shoes! 

BUCKET LIST: I would love to do a race overseas someday! 

UP NEXT: I will do the United Airlines Half Marathon in New York and the Oak Barrel Half in Lynchburg, Tennessee. 

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: My favorite is being able to run again. In 2022, I was told to stop running because of back issues. I substituted walking and cycling classes. However, I consistently did strength exercises and all the exercises recommended by the physical therapists. I began to notice the sharp leg pain that I previously had while running, began to diminish. So, after several months, I began to run again, almost pain-free! I fully realized the great importance of strength and cross-training. 

SPEED BUMPS: In 2011, I was running the New Orleans Marathon and maintaining a GREAT pace, then I tripped and fell, shattering the base of my elbow. I was out of running for ten weeks. In 2012, a week after the Marie Corps Marathon, I had a stress fracture in my left foot! I heard pool running was a good substitute, so instead of getting down, I was in the pool every evening! 

MY GROUP: I’m a member of Memphis Runners Track Club. I do the Road Races Series and Winter Off Road Series every year. I run with social groups of ladies. We enjoy running trips, celebrating birthdays, and coming up with various ways to challenge ourselves to become better runners. 

RECENT RACES: This past year, I placed first in my age group for the MRTC Winter Off Road Series, Second place in my age group in the Russvegas Half Marathon, first place in my age group in the Little Rock Half Marathon, first place in my age group in the 5K and half marathon at the Smoky Mountain 5K and Half Marathon, and lastly first place in my age group at the St. Jude Half Marathon. 

MOST MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: My most memorable event was to complete the Boston Marathon in 2018! 

BEST EATS: I love Pete and Sam’s. 

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: I would love to have dinner with Teddy Roosevelt. Being a runner and loving the outdoors, we have him to thank for many of our national parks, forests, and national reserves. 

GO-TO GEAR: I love my Garmin and Saucony Endophine running shoes. 

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: Both of my parents were smokers. I watched them struggle with many health issues, so I was determined to choose another path. 

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: “Wounded Tiger” by T. Martin Bennett 

PET PEEVE: Weather that won’t cooperate! 

QUOTE: “Always try to remain strong in the face of adversity.” 

Photo by Tindall Stephens