There is good evidence that we are suffering an increase in chronic illness due largely to not living in alignment with nature. 

Being detached from our natural habitat is creating a significant energy deficit at a cellular level that is contributing to the rise in chronic disease. 

Our bodies are meant to self-heal. But if they do not have enough cellular energy to survive and heal, they will opt for survival alone, leaving us susceptible to chronic diseases. 

There are many lifestyle factors at play that we can change. 

While food and exercise are important, getting our bodies in the sun and nature regularly is just as important. We can get quite a boost in cellular energy from regular, healthy sun and earthing habits. 

We need the kind of light the sun offers, provided we get that light in healthy ways and do not burn. We need the electromagnetic fields that the earth provides. 

Living in man-made light and on concrete is harming our health in many ways. 

We are just beginning to understand how much blue and LED light disrupts melatonin, which is far more than a sleep hormone. It is VITAL for our immune system and body’s ability to restore itself every night. 

They disrupt the optimal functioning of dopamine, which is necessary for focus, motivation, drive, and healthy thinking patterns. 

We now have health data on people who are blue light toxic from staring at screens. Many of them, adults and children, have chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. 

What are some light and earthing habits we can do to positively influence our health? 

Get outside — bare feet on the earth. Go out every morning and watch the sunrise. Go out every evening and watch the sunset. Get your workout done in nature. Go for long walks in the woods. 

Try to get 20 minutes of sun without sunscreen or sunglasses each day. Start early in the morning or later afternoon and work up to getting more direct sun time once you have developed a protective sun callous. 

When you use sunscreen, ensure you use a non-toxic one, as many sunscreens are unsafe. Check out the website Environmental Working Group at They put out a Safe Sunscreen Report every year. 

Use blue light blocking on your devices and computers — like Nightshift and F.Lux. These are free! 

Use blue light-blocking glasses when you are on technology, especially at night. We prefer the company RaOptics as their science team is top-notch and is all about research and education. 

Stop using technology at sundown. Your body needs to experience darkness for three or more hours before it starts making melatonin which is vital for sleep and healing. 

Purchase healthy home lighting options. We opt for incandescent full-spectrum lighting. Consider using low-wattage incandescent red or purple lighting when the sun goes down at night. You want to mimic nature’s lighting as much as possible. 

What one habit would you like to incorporate into your life today to get you more in tune with nature and restore your natural, healthy rhythms? 

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By Lee Ann Foster, MS and owner of Neurosource