Memphis-based Apple Music producer and Crosstrax Studio owner Justin Rimer, 46, has dedicated most of his life to music. He is a Grammy-nominated artist with 20 Billboard Top-40 singles under his belt and toured from 1995 until 2011, working as a sound man and performing with his band Breaking Point. Eventually, he settled down to open Crosstrax Studio and produces for bands like 12 Stones (Christian rock).

His success in music and on the road took its toll on his body. “My body was just beat up from all the constant travel, living on a tour bus. And my diet was very poor,” he explains. As a result, Justin dealt with a variety of health issues such as Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and liver damage. Doctors wanted to prescribe him medicine as treatment, but Justin opted to take matters into his own hands in 2017 and started his journey towards wellness.

Step one? Hire some help. Justin worked with local trainer Daavon Grayson, who taught him about the two key factors to living a healthy lifestyle: proper training and proper nutrition. Justin’s current fitness routine starts with fasted cardio first thing in the morning, followed by lifting weights for 45 minutes five to six days each week. 

He pairs that with a diet that includes five to six meals per day. He goes with lean protein (ground turkey, fish, or chicken), a vegetable, and a complex carb (usually rice or sweet potatoes). Justin even went vegan for most of 2019 but started including meat back into his diet this year. “I think switching up what you eat is the key to staying on the right path,” he explains. “You need to still have fun with what you eat to really enjoy the process.” 

After roughly a year of consistently focusing on his health and fitness, Justin’s previous health issues disappeared without using medication. In his own words, “Proper nutrition and exercise proved to win in the end.”

Although he drastically changed his physical appearance, Justin considers his mental transformation more important. “I learned so many things about myself and about life in the process,” he says. “I learned that pushing yourself far beyond your wildest expectations will open up a whole new way of living—not only for your body but also for your mind.”

Justin stays motivated to work out by using his morning runs for more than just exercise: they’re more of a praying and meditation time. “Every morning, I wake up so excited that I get to go outside and feel God’s presence,” he says. “I’m able to focus and get in the mindset that no matter what problems or trials the day may bring, I’m mentally prepared to take on whatever comes my way.”

Juggling fatherhood, a busy career, and a dedicated workout regimen is tough, but it’s all about balance. His key to staying on track is working out and preparing his food for the entire day every morning. 

After days, months, or years of not prioritizing your health, it can be intimidating to get back in the gym or alter your diet. Justin’s journey is a testament to the idea that getting healthy isn’t a quick fix; it’s about making health and fitness a lifestyle. “So often we are looking for that end result and don’t focus the process of transformation,” Justin says. “Enjoy the journey of becoming a healthier and better you.” 

By Lucy Harrison
Photo by Tindall Stephens