Weather always has a way of either boosting people’s mood or bringing in a dull spirit. Most significantly, it’s normal for people to stay put more during the colder seasons than in the warmer months. As autumn ushers in, people will spend more time inside and less time being active.
However, it’s essential not to fall off from the healthy habits you used in the summer amid these weather changes. Here are some healthy habits you can continue with during the fall:

Keep Hydrating

People are more water conscious when the temp and humidity are high. But it’s important to note that a drop in temperature doesn’t translate to less need for hydration. Your body relies on water for the much-needed boost during normal body metabolism processes. Keep your refillable water bottle around to help maintain your water intake and limit you from reaching out for unhealthy beverages.

Stick to Your Workout Routine

It’s tempting to fall into indulgent eating habits during this season, so maintaining a workout routine is essential. And as tempting as it is to snuggle up on the sofa instead when it gets cold, it’s important to keep up some physical activity. You don’t have to cling to a strict fitness routine to sustain your health. Switch things up to make them more enjoyable and to make sure it continues to work for you. Check out online fitness challenges or grab an exercise buddy to keep up the momentum. Letting things really get out of control during the holidays could mean that your New Year’s resolution might include looking into weight loss surgery.

Keep Eating Healthy

With the holidays fast approaching, the likelihood of shifting to unhealthy comfort foods is relatively high. However, there are many low-carb seasonal food options like vegetable soups made from pumpkin or Brussel sprouts which you can include in your daily meals. Also, there are plenty of fruits like apples and citrus. As you enjoy your comfort holiday foods, be mindful of portion size to stay healthy.

Stick to Your Sleep Routine

Sleep is one of the things that many people take for granted. Seven hours a night does a lot of good for the body. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, consider developing a healthy night routine that will help you sleep better.

Apply Your Sunscreen

While the sun isn’t as bright, it’s important to stay on top of protecting your skin from UV rays. Your skin is the largest external organ of the body; it helps in various body-regulatory processes and shields you against other external elements. It deserves protection and care. Keep a broadspectrum sunscreen handy, and cover yourself with long pants, long sleeves, a hat, and sunglasses through fall and winter.

By Jennifer Bell