Dr. Jamie Hardy is a successful pharmacist, lifestyle coach, speaker, and author dedicated to helping her community of high-achieving women become the best version of themselves through fitness and wellness. In the words of Dr. Jamie, she engages with her community to teach them healthy lifestyle principles, so they don’t have to meet her for the first time as she helps manage their illness and medication therapy as their pharmacist. 

Dr. Jamie is a native Memphian who grew up in a family of educators in the Memphis City Schools system. Having educators in her family helped garner her passion for learning and succeeding in school, and she found she was particularly interested and gifted in science. Though she knew she wanted to be in the healthcare field, it was only after shadowing pharmacists in college that Dr. Jamie knew that becoming a pharmacist was the healthcare career for her. She was accepted into the six-year accelerated Pharmacy program at Xavier University of Louisiana and received her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at 24. 

During the early years of her career, Dr. Jamie continued to thrive professionally and was living what many would consider a dream life. However, a devastating and unexpected breakup led her to a low point of depression, and she felt her life unraveling. “I felt like my career, business, and life plans were all intertwined, and my depression was taking over and making me feel completely hopeless,” she remembers. 

Dr. Jamie began going to the gym to escape the sadness and to forget, even if just momentarily, about the dark thoughts stemming from her depression. The endorphins released from the exercise helped to stabilize her mood, and she slowly began to feel like herself again. She became a part of a community of gym regulars and was introduced to wellness and holistic nutrition by her new friends. “The science-focused student in me loved learning about wellness. I was implementing what I was learning and started feeling mentally and physically better,” Dr. Jamie says. 

As a result of her wellness journey, Dr. Jamie wrote a book to share her experience and to encourage women to make their health and wellness a priority. She was amazed by how many women shared that they could relate to her story. It was then she realized her purpose in life was to help other women overcome hurdles in their mental and physical health by making the lifestyle changes she found so beneficial. 

Dr. Jamie continues serving patients and their families as a clinical pharmacist. Beyond the hospital’s walls, she is a lifestyle coach, author, and motivational speaker. Dr. Jamie offers the following advice: “For anyone going through a challenging time — it could be your mental or physical health — start by acknowledging how you feel and then commit to making one lifestyle change at a time. That way you can gradually develop new habits without feeling overwhelmed.” 

Learn more about Dr. Jamie Hardy and ways to work with her by visiting her website, Drjamiehardy.com, and follow her on Instagram @drjamiehardy. 

By Zoe Harrison

Photo by Tindall Stephens