Jeana Bond suffers from an autoimmune condition and always wished there was a treatment she could get as an immediate fix for the associated aches and pains. However, she could never find a treatment facility where she could walk in without an appointment and leave with alleviated symptoms. This realization inspired her to start Activate IV and offer individually tailored IV bags, ranging from simple fluids to enhancement bags with vitamins and even athletic drips. 

Most recently, Activate IV has begun offering NAD+ IV bags to treat the symptoms of aging. As we age, we experience some adverse physical effects – softening of the skin, decreases in energy, and increased recovery time after physical activity. While these effects may initially seem unrelated, recent research indicates that these hallmarks of aging may partly be due to depleted NAD+ levels. 

What is NAD+ therapy? 

As you age, your cells become depleted of NAD+. This leads to common effects of aging, like bad metabolism, slow recovery, and physical aging symptoms in the skin and brain. When receiving the NAD+ IV drip, the NAD+ circulates through your system and enters deficient cells, replenishing those reserves and restoring their youthful function. 

What happens during the procedure? 

Specialists recommend starting with a series of five NAD+ IV drips- typically every two weeks for about two months. After completing this first series of drips, patients can consult with specialists at Activate IV to determine any need for follow-up treatments, which may include additional bags or simple NAD+ injections. Jeana says, “We tailor treatment specifically for our patients and how they feel to ensure they are getting the best plan possible.” 


The benefits of NAD+ therapy are multifaceted – not only do patients report noticeably younger-looking skin and appearance, but they also report increases in cognition and focus, increased energy levels, and decreased recovery times in workouts. 

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By Zoe Harrison