This cocktail has been my go-to drink all summer. Refreshing with a little kick for

added flavor! You can omit the jalapenos if you like things mild.

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Makes 1 Serving


1.5 oz silver tequila

2 oz lemonade or limeade

1 oz lime Topo Chico

5 blackberries

1 lime

1⁄4 cup kosher salt

1 jalapeno, sliced


Prepare the salted rim by zesting a lime into the kosher salt and mix to combine. Cut the lime

into fourths and run a lime wedge around the rim of a chilled glass, then dip it into the salt. Add blackberries to the bottom of your glass and muddle them to release their flavor. Next, add enough ice to fill your glass halfway. Pour in the tequila, lemonade or limeade, and lastly top with Topo Chico. Stir to combine and top with fresh jalapenos. Sip and enjoy!

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