27, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Where you can workout with me: CycleBar Midtown or online

My Fave Workout: Put me under or over a barbell and I’m one happy girl! I also enjoy any kind of activity I can do outdoors (i.e. stairs on the riverfront, long walks with my dog, running hills).

Biggest Fitness Myth: If you lift weights, you’ll get bulky or “look like a man.” You have to consistently be lifting heavy weights and eating in a major caloric surplus to get “bulky.” A lot of women say the word “tone.” Keep in mind that looking “toned” is achieved by lifting weights and eating at a caloric deficit. 

Biggest Nutrition Myth: Carbs are the devil. Eating at a caloric deficit is what helps you lose weight. Carbs can just as easily be worked into your daily intake as fats and proteins. It’s all about calories in versus out. 

How much do you have to work out to maintain your fitness? A good rule of thumb is 20 minutes of movement a day if you’re just looking for a place to start, and four intentional workouts a week. You don’t have to exhaust yourself every single day to see results. Consistency over time always comes out on top. 

Most Overlooked Body Part: Your core! I preach this to my boot camp girls every single day. A strong core makes for a strong body. It protects your back, improves your posture, and makes activities in your everyday life easier. 

If you could only have one piece of equipment what would it be? A kettlebell—arguably the most versatile piece of fitness equipment. It can easily be used in the gym or at home and is small enough that it won’t take up a lot of space but comes in a variety of sizes. It’s powerful and functional and instantly ups the intensity of your workout!

Favorite body part you like to train: I love a good glute/hamstring workout!

My Fitness Idol: My mom. She spent many years competing in bodybuilding competitions before I was born, and has continued to lift weights even into her sixties. I’ve seen what a strong woman looks like my entire life, so my appreciation for weight lifting definitely comes from her. She can still deadlift more than me. 

Go-To Snack: Caramel rice cake with peanut butter

Always in My Fridge: Almond milk, deli turkey, hummus, anything to make tacos 

My Diet: I’d call mine balance. At this point, I can eat intuitively and know about how much my body needs or ballpark the amount of calories in something. It all goes back to calories in versus calories out, and when you know what macros you need to hit to stay on top of your goals you don’t have to be restrictive with foods, just mindful. I also make as many healthy substitutions for foods as I can (i.e. plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream, lean meats instead of higher fat meat, Joseph’s wraps instead of a flour burrito shell). 

To workout with Abigail visit, Fitnessbyabigail.com