Your skin’s needs change from season to season. Although it’s time to relax and enjoy the summer, don’t forget about taking care of the skin that takes such good care of you.

1. Sun protection is key. Use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock containing physical blockers like zinc and titanium. This helps prevent premature aging and sunburns.

The iScience family of sun protection, MIXTOSheer and MIXTOClear, both contain transparent zinc and titanium. They have a matte finish without the oiliness of other products or the dreaded lifeguard nose.

2. Wash away dry, rough skin. Get rid of any last bits of winter on your face with a mild glycolic wash. 

One of the best ways to get soft, smooth skin is iScience AlphaBeta Cleanser on dry skin before you shower. It’s perfect for faces, elbows, and knees—any place that needs polishing before summertime activities. This cleanser also does a great job clearing small bumps and blemishes, particularly along the hairline that can result from summer sweat.

3. Change your skincare products. Summer heat and humidity can mean more oil and breakouts. Lighten your moisturizer to hydrate and soothe skin irritated by the sun, salt water, or chlorine and keep your skin clear.

iScience’s Hydropeptide gel contains hyaluronic acid to immediately plump and calm skin and peptides to switch on collagen-building properties without irritation. It’s a light, refreshing texture that quickly absorbs into skin.

4. Amp up your antioxidants.

Start with topical vitamin C products like iScience Collagen Building Complex and iScience Antioxidant Sun Products that has vitamins C and E as well as a clean melanin compound to protect against oxidative stress from sun and pollution. There is good evidence that applying these vitamins can minimize sun damage and even boost resistance to sunburns when applied before sun exposure.

Dr. Melissa Toyos is an Ophthalmologist, Facial Plastic Surgeon, and partner in Toyos Clinic. For a complimentary summertime skin evaluation, call 901.683.7255 or visit