36, Owner and head instructor at Midtown Krav Maga

My favorite way to work out:

Group classes help me stay motivated since I am an extrovert. Krav Maga and Brazilian jiu jitsu give you a great mix of cardio and strength training. 

Fitness myth:

People think they have to get in shape before coming to a krav maga class. In reality, you’ll get in shape by being there and showing up. It involves different cardio and strength training than you’re used to. Just jump in and go for it.

Most overlooked body part:

For self-defense and fighting, the core and hips are the most important to strengthen.  

My go-to snack: 

I’m not a huge snacker. Bananas or apples are easy when I’m watching my weight for a competition. 

Always in my fridge:

It helps that my wife is from Mexico, but we always have beans at the house. When I’m still hungry after a workout, a tortilla with beans is the way to go. 

My diet:

When I’m not in competition mode, I pretty much eat anything within reason. When I have to control my weight and compete at a high level, I eat lean meats like chicken and fish, a lot of vegetables, and beans. I will avoid any processed sugars and bread. I pretty much only drink water and coffee during that time with the occasional beer after a grueling Saturday workout. 

Why Krav Maga is special:

It is designed to be effective and learned quickly regardless of size, strength, athletic ability, and fitness level. It is based on natural instincts so the self-defense techniques can be learned relatively quickly compared to other disciplines. The classes are fun, in a group setting, realistic self defense, and will get anyone in better shape regardless of their starting point. By training Krav Maga you gain confidence, situational awareness, and get in the best physical shape possible. 

Photo by Tindall Stephens