Dr. Kavita Kansagra, 46, and Dr. Henry Dalsania, 45, are an impressive wife and husband duo: both practicing doctors in Memphis, raising three kids, two sons and a daughter, ages 15, 13, and 10. 

Like many others in their field, Kavita and Henry recognize the variety of health benefits that come from a vegetarian diet centered primarily around plant-based, whole foods, from lowering your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure to helping prevent Type 2 Diabetes. 

Vegetarian and plant-based diets are also growing in popularity, mainly due to consumer concern over planetary environmental and human health. 

Kavita was an early embracer of the vegetarian lifestyle, adopting an entirely vegetarian diet six years ago after a life-changing trip to the Himalayas. 

When Kavita turned 40 in 2017, she had just completed her Master’s in Health Administration and felt a little burnt out. So she decided to embark on an adventure to the Himalayas with a group of yogis to focus on self-care. 

“This trip truly transformed my life and is how I got into being a vegetarian,” she explains. 

The facility where they stayed only served vegetarian food, and Kavita immediately fell in love with how it made her feel. She felt rejuvenated and detoxified but still had plenty of energy and wasn’t feeling hungry or missing meat. 

When she returned stateside, she completely converted to a vegetarian lifestyle. She found that this lifestyle change had her feeling better than ever and made her a better doctor. 

As a Primary Care Doctor, Kavita feels she can better serve patients with health issues by educating them on clean eating and how it can help with blood pressure and glucose control. Rather than putting them on medication, she’ll often recommend trying a cleaner, more plant-based diet for two months instead and then seeing where things stand. 

“It’s so fulfilling to help patients make holistic and healthy changes,” Kavita says. “It inspires me to continue on my own plant-based path and ongoing wellness journey.” 

Not only did Kavita’s experience with her patients inspire her in her wellness journey – it inspired her to open her private wellness and lifestyle coaching business, SoBoMiLife. 

Founded based on improving your life by nourishing your soul, body, and mind, SoBoMiLife opened in 2019 and allowed Kavita to help people in a more hands-on, long-term way. She typically has four to five clients at a time, providing them with one-on-one, highly personalized lifestyle and health coaching for eight weeks. 

“Henry’s mom was my very first ‘client’ before I even opened SoBoMiLife,” Kavita laughs. “At the time, she was on four different medications for various health issues and was unhappy with how she felt and her limitations. Now, she’s off all her medications, enjoying life, and is in her seventies and looks like she’s in her forties.” 

Henry’s mom wasn’t the only member of the family inspired by Kavita and her passion for wellness and vegetarianism. Once he turned 40, Henry started taking his health more seriously, and after seeing Kavita’s success with going plant-based, he decided to adopt the lifestyle as well. 

“Since cutting out meat, I’ve noticed significant changes,” Henry explains. “More energy, better sleep, weight changes, and more mental clarity. I didn’t miss everything I thought I would miss.” 

One of the biggest misconceptions about going vegetarian? That your diet will be lacking in protein. Kavita explains that there are many natural ways of getting your protein in, from tofu to legumes to fruits like watermelon. 

Another major misconception about going vegetarian? That your diet will be bland and boring. 

“People think we just eat salads, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Henry says. “People often take a simplified approach to plant-based meals, but if you get creative, you can make it fun.” 

One of the couple’s favorite vegetarian dishes is pho bowls, which they pack with tofu, edamame, bean sprouts, vegetables, noodles, and hot sauce for a high-protein and high-fiber meal that leaves them feeling full and healthy. 

Although cutting out meat and focusing more on natural, plant-based foods can be challenging, Kavita and Henry are proof that it’s definitely rewarding. 

In the wise words of Kavita that she often tells her patients and clients alike: “Lifestyle changes aren’t easy, but don’t give up if you fall down a few times.” 

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