Triathlete, Runner, Mountain Biker, 44, Senior Engineer at Diversified Conveyors Intl.



I am a member of Journeymen Racing Team.


I placed first in my age group (AG) in the GMSD 5K Stampede; second (AG) in the MRTC off-road series, was a 3:35 marathon pacer at the 2017 St. Jude Marathon, and was first (AG) in the MRTC road race series.


My favorite fitness accomplishment was in 2015. I ran the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in 3:05:30. The training was tough, but it paid off in the end.


I was really out of shape in 2008 and took up running. It changed my life in many ways and led me to meet my wife. I’ve had the dreaded plantar fasciitis and a bad stress fracture in my left leg. I only discovered I had the fracture three weeks before I ran the Boston Marathon in 2013—the year of the bombing.


The Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race consists of three exciting days of trail running in the beautiful mountains surrounding Chattanooga. This challenging—yet attainable—series includes 18 miles on Raccoon Mountain for Day 1, 22 miles on Lookout Mountain for Day 2, and a 20-mile grand finale on Signal Mountain. We had a large group from Memphis and rented an awesome cabin with a much needed hot tub!


I enjoy the camaraderie and competition in both training and races. I like the challenge. There are highs and lows, successes and failures, which I think you can apply to anything in your life.


Babalu is my favorite. Get the guacamole made table-side. I love the tacos and local beer selection. The margaritas are also the best in town.


I’m not from Australia! I was born in the United Kingdom.


My motto: Pass them don’t pace them!