49, Managing Director of Flight Operations Support at FedEx Express

Family: Daughters (Alyssa 18, Zoey 12) and girlfriend Amanda

Recent Races: Coming back from knee surgery, I ran the 2020 St. Jude virtual Memphis 4 race series, Whispering Woods 5K (top 3 in age group), Desoto Grace 5K, and Broad St 5k.

I <3 Running: The love the way a race on the calendar keeps you honest and true to yourself. Also, friends who constantly challenge you to improve. (I hate you, Don Mulhern. You’re too fast for your age. Slow down!)

Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: Disney Dopey Challenge (48.6 miles in 4 days)

Motivation: My daughters. I want to help inspire their own health and fitness mindset and journey, while also staying healthy and fit (for their good and mine).

Most Memorable Race: Boston Marathon 2018 (aka Boston Nor’EasterThon)

Up Next: Inaugural Memphis IRONMAN 70.3

Bucket List: Finishing a full IRONMAN 140.6 with my girls would be the end-all, be-all—the full extent of anything I could imagine. My dream is to be able to train and race with them, watching firsthand as they learn all that they’re capable of achieving.

Speed Bump: I tore my meniscus and had it repaired in 2019. Took some time to regain confidence, I but learned a lot about patience from that recovery experience.

Go-To Gear: Headband or visor, without which I’m literally blind from sweat in the eyes. Balega socks. Oakley prizm lenses.

Bingeing: Ted Lasso

Best Eats: Rizzo’s by Michael Patrick and it’s not even close. Hemp Seed Encrusted Salmon. You’re welcome, Memphis. Now you know.

Pet-Peeve: Running partners who want to have a conversation mid-run. Can’t. Busy.

Indulgence: Girlfriend’s Anchovy Pasta from scratch, with just the right CabSav.

Photo by Tindall Stephens