Runner, 41, Elementary Special Education Teacher at Snowden School, Board Member with Memphis Little League, Member of Education Task Force for MICAH



Running St. Jude Marathon was long, arduous, exciting, and frustrating. I did not even come close to achieving my time goal. I beat myself up for the first couple of days. When I stopped being sore, I realized how proud I actually was of myself. I brought my medal in to show my students so they could love on me, and I felt great.


After the marathon, I ate lots of Gus’s chicken (thighs), fried rice, and Cozy Corner sliced pork. Yup, all of that!


I love running for so many reasons. I love the wind in my face while I am working out. I love the time I get to listen to music and be by myself. I love seeing a city on foot.


I stay fit to feel young and be a good model for my kids.


My daughter, Caroline, is determined and relentless in all that she does. Her spirit moves me to never give up. My son, Jack, is hilarious and enjoys everything he experiences. His sense of humor keeps me laughing at myself.


Training for the St. Jude Marathon over the past six months put many things in perspective. It also helped me realize how great moving to Memphis (from New York) has been for me. I would never have had the time to train like this in NY. Now, I live in a neighborhood where I have running buddies. Memphis has been very good for me—physically and mentally.


“Far and away, the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”—Teddy Roosevelt