39, Creator of DiversiFIT

Family: Wife Lauren and Kiddos Anders (7), August Jane (4), and Lucca (2)

Recent Run: I completed the Leadville Trail 100. The race didn’t happen, but with the help of an unbelievable support group, I was able to complete it alone.

Up Next: My next race will be the dFIT Grocery Run 10K starting at High Point Grocery on Oct. 3.

Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: Breaking a 20-minute 5K a decade after being 260 pounds and suffering through a 33-minute 5K.

Most Memorable Event: A 24-hour obstacle course race in the Nevada desert. I was pushed way past my limit for the first time ever. I was mentally and physically broken but kept moving forward. It was where I learned having a good support crew (my wife) can make all the difference.

Motivation: David Goggins’s “40% rule” is an understanding that on a long journey your brain is going to eventually try and make you believe that your body is exhausted and finished. In other words, it’s telling you it’s time to quit. At this point, you’ve actually only reached a 40% capacity.

Go-To Gear: The Salomon S/Lab Vest is a must have on any long run.

Dinner With Anyone: I’d have dinner with ultrarunner and Guinness World Record holder David Goggins and discuss how training keeps his life on track.

Vice: Let’s just say this, while I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds, I haven’t lost my love for anything that got me up to 260.

Interview by: Laurenne Hom
Photo by: Tindall Stephens