Runner, 55, Lead Medical Technologist of the Immunology Lab at Methodist University Hospital, Coach for MRTC Kids, Volunteer for Med South Canines for Vets


I spent 24 years with Mr. Wrong, but now I am open to finding Mr. Right.


I started running at 53 with Women’s Run Walk Memphis, which is an excellent training program. I have gone from huffing and puffing after a few hundred yards to running several half marathons. My first marathon was in April at Derby Festival in Louisville. I was so proud to cross that finish line! 


Hands down, the Bourbon Chase in Oct 2017 was my favorite event. We had a team of 12 fantastic women and 36 hours of relay running. It was so high energy!


I have made so many new friends through my running group (the Sassies), MRTC, Breakaway Running, and MRTC kids. Runners are the most caring and amazing people who truly love the sport and encourage everyone to have lots of fun and enjoy the run! Runners never leave a man down!

There is always a runner’s hand reaching out to help another.


My father died at age 56 during his second coronary bypass, and my mother died of Alzheimer’s disease. I was her caregiver for 10 years so I know how tough the disease can be. I decided that I needed to increase my odds of a long, happy life. Anne Forbus encouraged me to start running to get healthier. That’s the best advice I have ever had. I encourage everyone to get out and run, walk, or bike. It’s never too late to start!


I was registered for the Panama City Marathon in December, but Hurricane Michael caused so much damage that it was canceled. Virginia Beach Marathon on St. Patrick’s Day will be my next full.


I recently had the pleasure of dining at Mardi Gras Memphis on N. Watkins. They have the most amazing shrimp & grits, corn chowder, and margaritas. If you love Cajun food, this is the place to go!


My passion is trying the new brews at Meddlesome Brewery in Cordova. They always have interesting beers, and the staff is awesome! Also, I love Memphis Tiger Football and tailgating! Go Tigers Go!